DIY painting work for home development can it is in overwhelming specifically if girlfriend have tiny knowledge about the various varieties of paints, what they room made of, and also how they space used.

Enamel and latex repaint are often perplexed with every other. However what is the difference in between enamel and also latex paint?? Well, enamel is oil-based if latex repaint is water based. And also it go not avoid here.

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In this post, we will certainly talk around enamel vs latex paint. If you discover the difference in between these 2 paints beneficial for your next painting job, read on.

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What is enamel paint?


Enamel repaint is an oil-based paint. The distinct attributes would be, it quickly dries and then hardens. The outcome of enamel paint is a glossy finish to any kind of surface. Enamel paints room usually provided for outdoor painting jobs. Part variants the enamel paint have included resin in them while others have actually varnish.

What is latex paint?


Latex repaint is additionally called acrylic paint. The is water-based, which means that the paint is brought by water v glycol ethers as its solvent. The term latex go not mean that it has a rubber component. The latex in latex paint refers to the resin that is offered to tie the paint.

Latex paints are regularly used together primer because that drywall, brick, or rock wall. The can likewise be provided for surfaces that have actually been painted v latex paints before.

What is the difference in between latex and enamel paint?

To know more about the difference in between latex and also enamel paint, here is a table for her reference:

Glossy finishx
Large section of a wallx
Decorative/artistic wall paintingx
Longer organize on a wall’s surfacex
For glass, porcelain, aluminum, etc.x
Light colors for DIY painting jobx
After painting cleanupx
Odor and riskx
Quality finishx
Drying timex
More weatherproofx

Latex paint has a minimal application variety compared to enamel. Aside from this, latex has actually a propensity for smudging and might call for re-application. It likewise peels easily contrasted to enamel. As such, over there is better preference for enamel paint particularly in outdoor walls since it is hardier, and the paint simply holds far better on surfaces.

Is enamel paint much more durable?

Yes. Since it is simpler to dry and because it hardens as it dries, enamel repaint is more resistant come cracks and peeling. The is also more durable in transforming outdoor conditions too as an altering temperatures.

Walls through latex paints have to be recoated twice or thrice to attain almost the exact same durability together that the enamel paint. The recognized durability of enamel paint is additionally the factor why that is still the most desired outdoor repaint for walls and other concrete structures.

Is oil-based enamel better than water-based enamel?

The main difference in between oil-based enamel and water-based enamel is how quick they dry and how durable they are to wear and also tear. Oil-based enamel takes much more time come dry but is commendable for its hardiness to wear and also tear. However, its elasticity is no guaranteed and also may be vulnerable to cracked at part point.

Nowadays, water-based enamel paint is currently made v the very same drying rate of oil-based enamel. At the very same time, lock have become harder once it involves wear and also tear. They space now additionally designed come contract and also become functional to changing weather conditions and also outdoor situations. Various other than this, water-based enamel walk not provide off poor odor together it dries. With this, water-based enamel has actually become far better than oil-based ones.

Can you paint over latex v enamel?

The answer is no however with some exceptions. Straight overlaying oil-based enamel on latex repaint can end up being a trouble in the lengthy run. The various compositions that the repaint can result in cracked or peeling and also uneven repaint texture or blistering. But of course, there room some exceptions and also sometimes you have the right to overlay latex with enamel.

One, you have the right to do this as long as enamel is only applied for the glossy finish. This way that you have to paint the surface with a latex primer and also then a latex repaint after.

Allow it to dry and also then apply the enamel paint for a glossy finish. Two, friend can use enamel on latex if the latex paint is now very old. Three, use enamel top top latex if the latex is excellent curing. Normally, latex repaint cures for at least two years.

Can you repaint latex over water-based enamel?

Since both room water-based, the answer is yes. But of course, there are some required preparations prior to you could do this or else, you threat cracking or skin of the paint in just a couple of months. The steps are straightforward though. Friend just need to clean, dull the latex, dry, and then element the surface with the water-based enamel before using the latex paint.

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Is enamel repaint oil-based or latex?

Clearly, enamel refers to all oil-based coverings consisting of paint. This makes them distinct because the oil-based label means that they market glossy finish. But nowadays, latex and other water-based paints have embraced the ax enamel to refer to their paint types that offer a glossy finish.

Is acrylic latex enamel the exact same as acrylic enamel?

Yes. These two are one and the same. But contrary come the latex label in the name, acrylic latex enamel yes, really does not have real latex in it. it is a high-grade water-based repaint that comes in semi-gloss and also glossy variants.

Acrylic latex has the highest possible content that acrylic resin making it hold much better than other water-based paints. The is usually supplied in timber trims or as coating because that windows and also doors.

Is high gloss the same as enamel paint?

Yes. Together a issue of fact, you can choose between semi-gloss and also high gloss enamel. High gloss is encourage for internal painting specifically in cabinets since it provides a mirror-like finish. This way that the is not vulnerable to grime and also does no collect dirt. As such, cabinets through high gloss finish are simpler to clean and they can maintain your pristine look because that a long time.

Is oil-based enamel paint waterproof?

Yes. Once oil-based paints dry, they form a protective oil layer that makes them waterproof. However, without great preparation, waterproof oil-based enamel deserve to only pole to details surfaces. A good step is to placed primer top top the surface an initial before using oil-based enamel paint. They might not require a topcoat yet they sure need a primer because that them come stick well.

What is latex paint offered for?

If you space wondering around the varieties of surfaces which you have the right to paint with latex paint, here is a perform of wherein you should use her latex paint on:

Interior wallsCeilingsTrims and also sidingsStuccoPorch

It is the best an option for indoor painting jobs because it go not have a foul odor, it have the right to be cleaned v water, it has a quicker drying time, will not yellow v age and also is non-combustible.

What is enamel paint supplied for?

As have actually been mentioned, enamel repaint is the pro an option for a variety of paint jobs. It have the right to be provided for the end surfaces. This has painting surfaces of cars, boats, and also even planes. For small scale painting, enamel can additionally be used for ceramics, aluminum, metal, and wood. Enamel paint is practically always offered for signages and also metal posts.

In at home painting, enamel paint is provided for entry ways, and also in cabinets and also furniture.

When should I usage high gloss enamel?

Since enamel paints are used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, the is but appropriate to know the basics regarding when to usage high gloss enamel. Well, with its smooth and also shiny finish, high gloss enamel is perfect because that living rooms, libraries, dining rooms, and also if you have actually wainscoting. That is also good to use for interval trims. Simply a indigenous of fist though, high gloss enamel is the hardest enamel paint variant to apply.

Does enamel paint require primer?

Yes, and also most particularly when it is used for interior painting favor in at home walls, cabinets, trims, and furniture. Primer before enamel paint is necessary for the paint to have a greater hold ~ above the surface. For this, you have to check the finest primers that are recommended for enamel paints. You also have to inspect your enamel paint because some come through pre-mixed primers in them.

Why can’t I usage latex repaint for metal?

Latex is water-based and water or moisture is a rusting facet for metals. If you need to paint metal short articles or other metal-based objects, constantly opt because that oil-based enamel.

Is enamel paint an excellent for cabinets?

Yes. Together a issue of fact, it is among the many recommended paints because that cabinets, specifically kitchen cabinets. The main reason is that it offers much more durability to cabinets since of that is glossy finish.

Having a smoother surface way that the cabinets would not collection dirt and also will be an ext resistant to scratches, dents, and marring. Enamel paint will maintain the pristine, glossy look of her cabinets.

What is the finest enamel paint?

If girlfriend are persuaded that enamel paint is the best paint because that you offered your painting jobs at home, you have to the following top-rated enamel paints:

Behr Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel PaintBenjamin Moore development EnamelSherwin Williams Urethane Trim Enamel


There is so lot fuss around confusing enamel v latex paint as soon as the difference in between the 2 is straightforward; enamel is oil-based when latex is water-based. The just time it gets confusing is as soon as you have water-based enamel or as soon as you must recognize when to apply primers and also when you don’t.

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From a basic perspective, enamel paint is much more versatile to usage than latex paint. It is also more weather-proof and also functional too as soon as it concerns its selection of surface to cover. With all things considered, friend now have actually a firm understanding of once to usage enamel and also latex paint and also of course, a clear watch of just how they are various as paints.