Aluminum bromide, additionally known by its prevalent name aluminum tribromide and also IUPAC name tribromoalumane, is a hygroscopic compound stood for by the chemical formula AlBr3 <1, 4>. Its dimeric form (Al2Br6) exists mainly in the solid phase <2>.

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Aluminum Bromide Identification

CAS Number7727-15-3 <1>
PubChem CID24409 <1>
ChemSpider ID22818 <3>
UN Number1725 <1>
NSC Number87608 <1>
EC Number231-779-7 <1, 4>
RTECS NumberBD0350000 <4>


Aluminum Bromide Formula

How is Aluminum Bromide Prepared

It is synthesized by the slow enhancement of pieces of aluminum foil to liquid bromine, and also this direct bromicountry is stood for by the complying with reaction <5>:

2Al + 3Br2 → 2AlBr3

The equation is very exothermic and reasons the aluminum foil to melt, producing heat and also light <5>.


Aluminum Bromide Synthesis

Reaction via Chlorine

When aluminum bromide reacts with chlorine, it undergoes single replacement to yield aluminum chloride and also bromine, which is shown by the following balanced equation:

2AlBr3+ 3Cl2 → 2AlCl3 + 3Br2

Properties and also Characteristics of Aluminum Bromide

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight266.69 g/mol <1, 4>

Physical Properties

Color and AppearanceWhite to pale yellowish-red, lumpy powder (anhydrous form) <1, 4>
OdorPungent <1>
Melting Point97.5 °C, 207.5 °F (anhydrous) <1>
Boiling Point255 °C, 491 °F (anhydrous) <1>
Density3.2 g cm-3 <1, 4>
State of issue at room temperatureSolid <1, 4>
SolubilitySoluble in benzene, toluene, nitrobenzene, ether, methyl alcohol, and acetone <1>
Solubility in WaterHighly soluble, partially hydrolyzes displayed by a fuming solution and appearance of white precipitate
Heat Capacity (C)100.6 J/(mol.K)
Lattice Constant (a, b, and also c)0.7512 nm, 0.7091 nm, and 1.0289 nm

Atomic Properties

Crystal StructureMonoclinic lattice <6>


Aluminum (III) Bromide Crystal Structure

What is It Used for

Although it does not have any kind of significant commercial applications, its anhydrous create functions as a catalyst for raising the rate of Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction <7, 8>.

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Is Aluminum Bromide Toxic

Exposure through inhalation and also swallowing have the right to cause acute toxicity <8>. Contact through skin and eyes deserve to lead to irritation, corrosion, and also damages <8>.