Greenland"s latitude and also longitude is 72° 00" N and also 40° 00" E . Listed below is the map the Greenland showing significant towns, roads, airports v latitudes and longitudes plotted top top it.

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Description:Map reflects the latitude and also longitude that Greenland municipalities, cities and also towns.Disclaimer


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The latitude and longitude of Greenland is 72º 00" N and 40º 00" E respectively. It is situated on the northern component of north America and lies in between Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean.
The full area is slightly an ext than 3 times the of Texas. Greenland comprises that three governmental districts and eighteen municipalities. Nuuk, the funding of Greenland is located on 64º 11" N and 51º 44" W latitude and longitude respectively. Greenland is 2 hrs ahead that Washington DC throughout Standard Time and is divided into 4 time zones.The total area the Greenland is 2,166,086 square kilometers and the coast extends for 44,087 kilometers. The terrain of the an ar is flat yet gradually sloping icecap covers practically all parts except a small rocky coast. The climate that Greenland is that of arctic of sub arctic type with cool summers and winters. Constant permafrost end the northern two-third components of the island is the best natural risk of the region. Greenland is related to as the world"s 2nd largest ice cap.
Alluitsup Paa
Brewster Kap/Kangikajik70°07"N22°00"W
Disko Bugh69°10"N52°00"W
Farewell C./Nunap Isua59°48"N43°55"W
Farvel, Kap/Nunap Isua59°48"N43°55"W
Forel, Mt.66°52"N36°55"W
Gunnbjorn Fjeld68°55"N29°47"W
Humboldt Gletscher79°30"N62°00"W
Independence Fjord82°10"N29°00"W
Kane Basin79°01"N70°00"W
Kajserr Franz Joseph Fd.

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King Frederick using Land/Kong Frederik by means of Kyst63°00"N43°00"W
LocationLatitudeLongitudeKong Christian IX Land
Kong Christian X Land74°00"N29°00"W
Kong Frederik IX Land67°00"N52°00"W
Kong Frederik using Kyst63°00"N43°00"W
Kong Frederik VIII Land78°30"N26°00"W
Kong Oscar Fjord72°20"N24°00"W
Nunap Isua59°48"N43°55"W
Peary Land82°40"N33°0"W
Petermann Bjerg73°07"N28°25"W
Qeqertarsuaq 69°15"N53°38"W
Qeqertarsuaq 69°45"N53°30"W
Robeson Chan 82°0"N61°30"W
Smith Sund78°30"N74°0"W
York Kap. 75°55"N 6°25"W

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