Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon that will appear during the Halloween event, therefore we’ve gathered the counters and also weakness information for you.

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This form combo nets Sableye many of strengths and not so much in the counters department, with just one weakness to speak of.

What counters Sableye in Pokemon Go?

If you’re acquainted with the Pokemon Series, you’re probably aware by currently that certain type matchups connect in means that will certainly influence just how much damage you take and can deal in battle, through attacks versus a form weakness known as “super effective!” because that example. Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon, and as mentioned over that nets it fairly a few favourable matchups and only one weakness.

Specifically, Sableye resists Fighting and also Poison-types and doubly resists Normal and Psychic-type Pokemon attacks. The just counter obtainable against Sableye end up gift Fairy-type Pokemon.

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Typically I’d break down the Pokemon moveset below to determine exactly what it deserve to do to deal with its counter-types, in an effort to number out which is the ideal of the alternatives we have. In this case however, only Fairy-types will deal increased damage.

I’ll rest them down here regardless, yet we don’t have any type of other varieties to compare to, therefore this will just be about how these communicate with Fairy-types.

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In Pokemon Go, Sableye has two fast attacks, one dark-type and also one ghost-type. Its charged assaults are an in similar way split up, v the three strikes split between dark, ghost and also rock-type. Fairy-types have no weakness to any kind of of these, for this reason it’s not an especially a worry here.

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Anything else to mention?

That’s yes, really it for the weakness and also counters of Sableye in Pokemon Go. To summarise, Fairy-types room the best, and realistically just bet for this one for this reason it have to be your only choice if friend have any type of of castle to run with.

Without access to Fairy-types, everything else is pretty much equal other than for Fighting, Poison, Normal and also Psychic-types, that will all struggle in this matchup.

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