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Born October 4, 1989 inHarlem, Manhattan, brand-new York City, new York, USA
Birth NameNiatia Jessica Kirkland
NicknameLil Mama
Height 5"1½"(1.56m)
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Niatia Kirkland, much better known together Lil Mama, is a multifaceted and dynamic entertainer, singer, rapper, songwriter, actress, and also exceptional dancer. Lil Mama is recognized for her keen spirit, and in enhancement to her creative abilities, she is one inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.Born in Harlem, NY, Lil Mama required to music and also dance at very early age. Using poetry as a tool of self-expression, she soon uncovered her voice in music. Together she ongoing to grow, she learned how to integrate these an abilities and she dedication gradually led her to global success.In 2006, in ~ 17 years old, she signed to Jive Records and soon after joined Avril Lavigne in Grammy-nominated producer Dr. Luke"s remix the Lavigne"s tune "Girlfriend." Her very first full-length album "VYP (Voice of the Young People)" to be released just over a year later, debuting in ~ number 25 ~ above the Billboard 200, and featuring the hit solitary "Lip Gloss," do Lil Mama a family name.While continuing to work on her music, Lil Mama brought her run expertise and also charismatic persona come the judge"s table ~ above MTV"s "America"s finest Dance Crew" for seven periods alongside fellow judge JC Chasez and also host Mario Lopez.Lil Mama broke into acting in a major way, landing the function of the iconic Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in the VH1 biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, certification alongside Keke Palmer and also Drew Sidora. Lil Mama also joined TLC members Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and also Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins" in live performances neighboring the relax of the film, including the 2013 American Music Awards. She additionally co-stars in director Benny Boom"s "48 hours to Live," a 3D hybrid merger the category of film noir and also dance.Most recently, Lil Mama"s groundbreaking music video for her song "Sausage" go viral v 3 million see in its an initial week (and 9.2 million views as of today). The song appears on her mixtape "Take Me Back," exit in December 2015, a nostalgic and upbeat ode to the golden years that hip-hop through a fresh millennial appeal.Mama is a passionate and well-rounded artist who understands the importance of continually honing her craft and also staying sharp; v her duty as the command in the life and an effective true story "Hit a Lick", she additional solidifies herself as a formidable challenger in the arts and also entertainment arena.

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Nominated for Monster solitary of the Year because that her tune "Lip Gloss" in ~ the 2007 MTV video Music Awards.
she mother, Tara Kirkland, passed away on December 15, 2007 ~ a four-year battle with cancer. She music video clip for her hit single "Shawty obtain Loose" (featuring kris Brown and also T-Pain) is devoted to her mother.
prepare to relax her debut album "VYP: Voice the the Young People" ~ above April 29th (US).
after ~ the success of her solitary Hustler Girl and included to monitor Billonaire she take it a hiatus till 2014.
God came to me once I was meditating and also told just let that go, it"s easier than you think. Don"t press it yet stay constant
This year will be favor no other. We have to trust ourselves, 2nd guessing our gut feeling is simply as great as not believing in ourselves. We obtained this y"all, lets go!

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ns went v a dark time in my career. No one in this industry is here to lookout for you. I will certainly over come and also become also bigger.