The purpose of setup standards for direct materials is to control direct products cost. Two species of standards space normally set for direct materials. Theses room materials price standard and also materials amount standard. These 2 standards room briefly disputed below:

Direct products price standard:

Setting straight materials price standard way determining the intended price of a unit that material. It likewise includes expenses connected with it i.e., freight, taking care of charges and octroi duty etc. Every agency has different type of expenses associated with products to obtain it easily accessible for use. If part discount is allowed by the vendor, the is subtracted from the price to come at last standard price. For more explanation, consider the complying with example:


Super Casing limited manufactures computer instances which are marketed to another company that manufactures complete desktop computers. TheSuper Casing restricted uses just plastic as straight materials. The standard price per lb of plastic may be calculated as follows:


According to above computations the last standard price the one lb of plastic is $5.70. The meansif whatever proceeds together planned, the complete expenses the a lb of plastic available for use have to be $5.70 . But in reality, whatever may not take place as expected. The incidents of deviation from requirements are very normal and the common reasons of this deviations are explained on direct materials price variance page.

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Direct materials quantity standards:

The typical or expected quantity of direct materials required to to produce a unit of finished product is referred to as standard amount per unit. It also includes allowances for typical wastage and also rejection. In the over example, the traditional quantity forced to to produce a single computer situation is together follows:


According to above computations, the firm requires 4.00 pounds the A great plastic come manufacture one computer system case. Yet the actual quantity used might be an ext or less than the quantity permitted by standards. This is quite normal. The reasons of using an ext or less quantity of direct materials than what has been enabled by criter are disputed on direct materials amount variance page.

After setup materials price and quantity standards, the typical materials expense for production one computer case can be calculated using the following equation:

Standard price of product per unit = Standard amount to create one unit × standard price of materials per unit

= 4.00 lbs.

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× $5.70= $22.80

In ours example, the standard direct materials price to manufacture one computer situation is $22.80. This standard cost is offered to prepare a standard expense card that the product.