THE brothers may have actually invented the sandwich, yet the irish have certainly made it your own. As it"s Sandwich mainly until might 14, below are several of Ireland"s all time favourite "sangers".1. Ham SandwichAh the classic ham (often pronounced "hang") sandwich, a ubiquitous fixture in the school lunchboxes the Irish kids
2. Jam SandwichThe Americans have peanut butter and jelly, but we choose to keep it plain with a great old jam sandwich. Her parents /grandparents will delight in telling you this was a "treat" in your day

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3. Crisp SandwichCombine 2 of Ireland"s favourite things- sliced pan and also a bag of Cheese & Onion Taytos and also you"ve obtained a cooking delight, normally savoured at the beach through a light sprinkling of sand4. Chip SandwichOver here they contact it a chip butty, however what"s in a name? Irish world have been jamming chips in between two slices that bread and smothering the with tomato ketchup for years when they require a carb on carb overload5. Sausage SandwichWe"re well-known to love a great fry up, yet since selection is the spice the life climate why no bang two sausies into a sandwich and add brown sauce or ketchup. That"ll sort ya out 6. Banana SandwichBanana and also bread room odd bedfellows but this concoction proves there is naught an Irish human being wouldn"t try with a part of bread. Oddly, it kind of works
7. Sugar SandwichWithout sounding all Angela"s Ashes, a little sugar sprinkled on a slice of bread was pretty famous in Ireland back in the day. Today, the basic sugar sandwich sound antediluvian in an age of croissants, cronuts and flagels (that"s a flatbread overcome with and also a bagel btw)8. Bread and Butter SandwichAbout as minimalist a sandwich as you are most likely to find. Is a sandwich yes, really a sandwich without any fillings? That"s a philosophical question because that you to ponder in your own time
9. Corned BeefMeat indigenous a tin? Yum! Some world probably take into consideration a corned beef sandwich nostalgic, yet personally I"d share it as prison food10. Chicken Fillet RollIrish civilization go crazy for a chicken fillet roll. If you don"t believe me go into a Spar, Londis or any type of deli in ~ lunchtime and also check the end the queue of world hungry for the addictive baguette stuffed with chicken, cheese, mayo, lettuce...and maybe heroin. 
11. The Breakfast RollSo famed in Ireland, there"s even a song about it. Yes, comedian beat Shortt immortalised the undisputed pinnacle of irish culinary accomplishment in the catchiest tune since The Birdie Song. As the track details, a jumbo breakfast roll consists of the ingredient of a full Irish breakfast (egg, sausages, rashers, black color & white pudding, sauce) every squashed right into a roll. A heart strike waiting come happen.Watch pat Shortt execute the Jumbo Breakfast Roll track live here:Eight facts around the big British Sandwich business: 
1. Brothers consumers regulate to munch their means through over 11.5 exchange rate sandwiches each year. If you laid each one end to end, they would certainly go around the world around 44 times2. More than half of these were made and also eaten in the home3. More sandwiches room consumed in hot weather than when it is wet or cold4. Well over 3,500,000,000 sandwiches are purchased from UK sleeve or catering outlets each year

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5. We paid end £7,850,000,000 because that them – it is as much as 36,500 brand brand-new Ferraris6. That method the average price of a sandwich virtually £2.077. Britain’s best sandwich retailer through £value in the UK is the American franchise chain Subway which has actually shot front of the UK’s biggest retailers, consisting of Tesco, Greggs and also Marks & Spencers, in the sandwich comb in the value of the sandwiches castle sell. However, Tesco outsells them in the number of sandwiches sold by numerous million8. In the UK there space over 300,000 world employed in the sandwich industry.Source: british Sandwich Week