Have you ever inhaled helium from a balloon to make her voice higher? Well, follow to scientists, that"s a really poor idea. The nationwide Institute on medicine Abuse provided students from throughout the nation that opportunity with their yearly “Chat

Day” – a live virtual chat between teens and NIH scientists. Examine out more student questions and doctor answers about inhalants below.

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Question: jhadjandjand, Postville community Schools asked:

What happens if friend snort fragrant markers?


Dr. Emily Einstein answered:

Scented markers are a type of inhalant that can be an extremely harmful. Civilization occasionally snort these because that the "high" that they can produce, but inhalants are possibly addictive and also the chemistry in them can cause mind damage (loss of mind tissue, impaired thinking, ns of coordination, limb spasms, hearing and also vision loss), liver and kidney damage, and also (rarely) can cause death. For much more facts ~ above inhalants, examine out https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/inhalants.


Question: HDumont, Kingswood local Middle school asked:

Is sniffing glue bad?


Dr. Belinda Sims answered:

Hi HDumont. Correctly! Sniffing glue or various other volatile chemicals like gasoline, paint, irreversible markers, and also other aerosols are incredibly dangerous. These drugs clearly damage the brain, and also the damage may it is in irreversible. Even when you are using a volatile chemical for its to plan purpose, girlfriend should always wear a security mask. There"s much more info here: https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/inhalants


Question: James, Ardsley High institution asked:

What is worse spray repaint or sharpie?


Dr. Jeff Schulden answered:

Both room horrible! Sniffing focused fumes from chemical substances prefer these can cause many health problems, consisting of liver and also kidney damage, hearing loss, or bone marrow damage….Inhalants can likewise cause mind damage through cutting turn off oxygen circulation to the brain. Castle can damage your heart and occasionally can be fatal. Come read an ext about inhalants, inspect out: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/inhalants.


Question: Queer, Walter Johnson High institution asked:

Is that dangerous to inhale helium from a balloon to make your voice higher??


Dr. Ruben Baler answered:

Yes, this exercise is dangerous. There space reports of kids dying ~ doing this.

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Question: Aye, Ardsley High college asked:


I heard suck the gas out of whipped cream cans renders you high is this true and also why? 


Dr. Belinda Sims answered:

Hi Aye, yes, the is true, but it have the right to be an extremely dangerous. Can be ~ of whipped cream contain the gas nitric oxide (nitrous). Return nitrous is supplied medically as a supplement to anesthesia, inhaling nitrous deserve to be an extremely dangerous external of clinical use. One reason is that nitrous competes for oxygen in your blood, for this reason the high you obtain is really due to the fact that you are starving your brain and body because that oxygen. If you don"t have enough oxygen in your body, you can die. One more dangerous result is the you can get dizzy and fall down, risking damaged bones, concussion, or other injuries.


Question: Emorejon, street Land center School, asked:

How quick can you die from inhalants?

Dr. Will certainly Aklin answered:

Inhalants space drugs that you breathe in, which mean they take the ar of oxygen. Lock can cause sudden sniffing death, which is once the love beats fast and also irregularly and also suddenly stops. They additionally can cause suffocation, i m sorry is once air is blocked from gaining into the lungs. And they can also cause a human to enter a coma. Every one of this way that you can die very quickly native inhalants - in a issue of minutes. For an ext info, see: https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/inhalants