The time of the regime of old civilizations favor Greece, China, Rome, or Egypt are lengthy behind us. However, regardless of the i of countless years, the mythical creatures have been fine remembered. Each of them has actually individual powers and secrets. These creatures keep appearing in movies, computer system games, and even books for a reason. Civilization have always been fascinated by what is unusual and also unattainable. I beg your pardon mythical creature room you? A fire-breathing dragon, an chaste unicorn, or perhaps an adventurous centaur? permit your creative thinking run wild! prize a few questions to discover out which creature you are!

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Each old land v its own beliefs had, except gods, likewise extraordinary creatures. Evil and also dangerous creatures the aroused fear among the populace were dubbed demons or monsters. Fortunately, part healed, helped, and also protected people. Every these creatures were known to the ancient peoples because that their superordinary powers and unusual appearance.

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All the knowledge we have about mythical creatures comes from the books and also records of our ancestors. The appearance, behavior, and also lifestyle that the creature are described. There space perfect descriptions of mythical creatures. This enables us to complement one the them to you with our "which mythical creature room you" quiz.

Which Mythical Creature space You?

It can not be denied that some mythical creatures, choose humans, had actually personality traits. Thus, centaurs were famed for their adventurousness, werewolves that were de facto humans and also turned into animals during the night, or dwarves living in the underground, identified by great courage and also strength.

Thus, v the aid of personality quizzes, we deserve to assign a provided mythical biology to a provided person. V a couple of simple questions, us will determine what kind of personality friend have and also which creature would certainly perfectly reflect you. Let"s gain acquainted with a couple of of them.


Dragons are indeed one that the most famous mythical creatures. The good fire-breathing lizards could only be defeated by the bravest and bravest knights. The dragon is a legendary creature the has showed up in the folklore of plenty of cultures roughly the world. These creatures to be often shown as winged, horned, four-legged, and also extremely deadly. Dragons were first described in the mythologies that the ancient Near East.


Vampires are additionally mythological creatures that most civilization associate with Count Dracula. Contrary to appearances, the background of vampires started long before Bram Stroker"s novel. Vampires have actually been explained as fatal creatures the lurk their victims at night, wait to drink your blood.


Harpies room mythical beasts indigenous Roman and Greek mythology. These creatures were in the form of a bird with a female face. Lock were sort of winged ghosts known to be prone to kidnapping and also torturing people.


Hydras have actually been defined as immortal, multi-headed monsters with a snake-like appearance. Lock were famed for the truth that after cutting off one of their heads, two much more grew in that place. This creatures wielded poisonous breath, and their blood was exceptionally lethal.


Centaurs are one of the many human-like creatures. After ~ all, half of their body is just the human part. The lower component is the horse"s body. This is why the centaurs were referred to as "half man, fifty percent horse." lock were differentiated by intelligence, adventurism, and also medical abilities. Also, in many myths, centaurs were considered wild and also untamed. The most renowned centaur is Chiron.


Cyclopes are one of the most characteristic mythical creatures. They were gigantic, one-eyed creatures of superhuman strength. Initially there were 3 Cyclops: Arges, Steropes, and Brontes, young of Uranus and Gaia. Castle were experienced blacksmiths who forged Zeus" well known thunderbolt. However, in later on times, mythical story were increasingly told about a various kind of Cyclops. Aggressive, ridiculous creatures that were shepherds. They had a stern appearance, overgrown faces, and also smelled really bad.

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There were so plenty of mythical creatures that it is impossible to perform them every in one go. However, the is worth stating a couple of of the most famous that to be not included in the list above. Medusa, Minotaur, Phoenix, Pegasus, Mermaid, Sphinx, Cerberus, Griffin, Troll, or Golem.

How come Play the Quiz?

Undoubtedly, mythical creatures arouse a an excellent deal that curiosity. Myths and also legends about these creatures room timeless, and each subsequent generation imagines lock in their very own way. To lug you closer to her image, we have prepared the "which mythical creature room you" quiz. Every you have to do is price a few simple questions, and also we will choose a biology that perfectly reflects your personality. Ready?