Naruto Shippuden 343 expose the identity of Tobi to be Obito Uchiha! We ultimately know that the notorious person is behind the mask, i m sorry is none various other than Kakashi’s team mate. Naruto cracks Obito’s mask to which Kakashi is paralysed once he finds out. We’re reminded of your story come which Rin is very involved. In ~ the end of it all Madara arrives the end of nowhere after beating the five Kages!






Naruto Shippuden 343 starts as Naruto begins with his attack, but Obito quickly escapes it making use of his an approach to relocate through anything. Kakashi fades out to which he’s unable concentrate on what he must be doing. Obito it s okay underway come which he starts to launch big Kunai’s out, a tentacle is clogged by punishment while Naruto blocks the one comes his way.

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Furthermore, Kakashi learns that Naruto has every one of them, he it s okay revved up and also begins his respond to attack. Obito walk up and launches a big number of metal rods to which they seem to it is in aimed at punishment to which lock disable Bijuu jutsu’s and power. Naruto creates and clone and goes to strike Obito to which Kakashi activates his Kamui.

Obito appears to have killed the zero clone, Kakashi falls over when Obito speak him the he’s fail the Kamui, Naruto then creates a huge Bijuu Bomb. Obito goes in his inner human being to which the notices a shadow clone through a Rasengan there to which he smacks the Rasengan appropriate on Obito’s confront breaking lastly breaking the mask.

The mask breaks once we walk to the past, we watch Obito see his friends go out from the school, to which he to be late on using too, yet Rin helped him out. While later we see Obito be late helping the elderly, he’s given a sweet to which when he arrives he make the efforts to assault to impress but his sweet gets stuck and they shed the match.

Rin helps him out, he starts to train harder and also harder through all his techniques. He encounters Guy in a match but quickly loses to him. Kakashi encounters Guy and wins when Obito claims at Rin, it appears she likes him. Kakashi passes his exams come which Obito keeps top top training till he passes his Chunin.

Rin speak him to fulfill Obito later on, he brings part flowers come which he thinks they’re ~ above a date, however all their friends display up come which Rin offers him a file to i beg your pardon they desire to memory him gift a Jonin. They go a mission, Minato gives him one of his one-of-a-kind knifes, Rin provides him a unique medic case. Kakashi it s okay nothing from Obito. Minato speak Obito that his father has killed himself.

They all depart v Obito currently acknowledging Kakashi together his leader. They go and also encounter part villains, Rin is easily taken through the enemy. Kakashi proposes the they complete the mission and also come ago to Rin while Obito mentions that human being who break the rules room scum, yet people who break their promises are even worse.

Obito finds their hideout come which he’s around to acquire killed when Kakashi mirrors up to save him. But the invisible villains obtain Kakashi in the eye. The enemy goes for Kakashi and also Obito when he activates his Sharingan and is may be to check out everything, he kills the enemy and also gets Rin back. They try to escape once we check out that Obito has been crushed, we view Obito say that Kakashi is always great.

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We return to the present time when Kakashi and Guy are shocked to view Obito there, he appears to it is in Obito. Obito mentions the he doesn’t care. We view that Obito had abovementioned after killing the man that he will safeguard his comrades. We additionally see how Kakashi was saved by Obito when he gained crushed. For Kakashi’s current for gift a Jonin we view Obito provide him his left eye because that the one that’s been damaged. He also mentions to protect Rin through his life. The enemy arrive and he’s buried.

Obito is alive, Naruto is described of that he is. Kakashi asks why he’s there as soon as Obito mentions that it’s since he allow Rin die! Kakashi is shocked, if Naruto mentions come him that they should defeat of what’s around to happen. Obito goes because that a Fire style when Naruto stop it. Madara quickly arrives and also mentions the Obito sure is having fun. Naruto Shippuden 343 ends here!

What an awesome and also crazy chapter, after simply finding out that Obito is alive, we watch the awesome and crazy Madara arrive, this is sure about to gain all crazy and awesome! i can’t wait for following week’s Naruto Shippuden 344, titled “Obito and also Madara”, when we uncover out everything and also anything around how Obito survived and also how it all connects with each other to Rin’s death!