Full steel Alchemist: Why Isn’t LustLustful?

In the world of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Brotherhood), trained alchemists harness their ability to destroy and also recreate life in bespeak save, kill and unleash every sorts of terrifying creations. … Continued

In the cosmos of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Brotherhood), trained alchemists exploit their ability to destroy and also recreate life in stimulate save, kill and also unleash every sorts the terrifying creations. Homunculi, evil person dolls, are born as soon as an alchemist make the efforts to carry a human ago to life. Every homunculus, named after one the 7 deadly sins, represents a sin, and each acts follow to it.

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Except for Lust. Sure, she watch the part: a small waist, a breathy voice, breasts the defy gravity. However she frequently utters just words that disdain or disinterest. She acts as Gluttony’s keeper, constantly offering him permission come consume living humans. Maybe Lust has actually gone the way of so numerous women, controlling her appetite instead of pursuing illegal affairs.


But why isn’t Lust lustful? doesn’t it go past clichés around female characters and also sexuality?At first glance, it appears the lack of lust in Lust symbolized the an especially evil or light nature the the sin. But, ~ closer inspection, the isn’t the case. In ~ least, no quite. Lust acts without lust, because in Brotherhood, lust does not exist. Love does no exist. No romantic love, together we commonly know it and see the in anime. In Brotherhood, over there is only friendship and the run to the deep, committed love of long-term partners. None of the slow build-up, the simple flirting typical of anime.

Protagonist Edward Elric drops for Winry, the pretty blonde girl who lives following door. They build their feeling slowly, when in separate rooms accomplishing an ext important tasks. When Ed lastly declares his love, the two carry out not kiss or embrace. Instead, Ed actions onto a train, turn off on a solitary adventure. He might be gone because that months or years however Winry doesn’t mind. She knows he’ll be back. They’ll stay together, get married, have actually children.


A similar relationship occurs between flame alchemist Roy Mustang and his personal assistant slash bodyguard, Riza Hawkeye. Mustang trained under Hawkeye’s father and fought alongside her throughout the war. He gave Hawkeye orders come shoot him if he ever before steps off the route of righteousness. Despite their partnership lacks any physical passion, the pair heads towards commitment. Hawkeye always stands through Mustang’s side, staring at him through eternal devotion.

Unlike other characters, Mustang is quick-tempered and also vengeful. His passionate side renders its first appearance once he kills Lust. In a confrontation in between Lust and also Hawkeye, Lust erroneously says that she’s killed Mustang. Hawkeye fall to her knees in tears, frozen in misery. Lust is around to kill her as soon as Mustang appears. The shoots flames in ~ Lust, burning her over and over until she ultimately expires.

No other character serves as an appropriate foil for Lust. She dies by Mustang’s hand due to the fact that he’s the only character full of passion, anger and his very own lust for power. Late in the series, Mustang nearly takes his vengeance also far. Homunculus Envy reveals the he killed Mustang’s good friend, Maes Hughes. A furious Mustang attacks Envy until the homunculus teeters ~ above the brink that death. Just as Mustang is around to death Envy, Hawkeye points a gun in ~ his head. If Mustang kills Envy, if he allows hatred come consume him, she’ll shoot. Mustang procedures away and releases his anger.

Passion leader Mustang under the dorn path. It pressures Hawkeye, his platonic life partner, to step in and also threaten to end his life. If Mustang succumbs to the temptation the vengeance, his life is over. Even if Hawkeye lets him live, he’ll become a hateful, petty leader — far from his dream of ruling the country with logic and justice.


The country, Amestris, suffers indigenous its passion. Amestris gone after hatred come the allude of genocide. As we discover in flash backs, the soldiers aided slaughter Ishbalans. Favor many cases of genocide, one evil ruler orchestrated the meaningless slaughter. In this case, the ruler was the original homunculus, the Dwarf in the Flask Homunculus. He organized the bloodshed to produce a giant transmutation circle. He offers the circle, and also the souls the every living human being on the planet, in an effort to consume and also become God.

The Dwarf manipulates numerous leaders, thousands of soldiers. The invokes the hatred necessary for genocide without struggle since the Amestrian civilization lack reason. They permit their save anger come explode in assistance of a meaningless war with no purpose but the devastation of an entire race.


The personalities in Brotherhood lack lust, and love, since within the universe, unchecked passion constantly leads to destruction. The protagonists acknowledge this and also place borders on your desire. Ed refuses to use a philosophers stone to swap his metal arm and also leg because that the flesh he lost; Mustang would fairly die than rule with vengeance.

But lust cannot be controlled. It is a believed not actions, and also there is no method to extricate it from the mind. One of two people Mustang wants a physical relationship with Hawkeye or he doesn’t. There is no halfway, no in between. And also love, romantic love, go far past lust. That swoops a character turn off his feet, making morality or outside desires seem insignificant. The personalities of Brotherhood lack love due to the fact that it is incompatible through their goals. Love is unchecked passion in its purest form. The personalities skip directly to long term, platonic love. The love of one old married couple. One accepting, reasonable love. A love that could never lead to ill-fated actions favor rape, murder or genocide.

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