during the fight between Minato Namikaze and Tobi (in illustration 248 The 4th Hokage"s death Match of the Naruto: Shippuden mmsanotherstage2019.com, or thing 502 and 503 of the manga), Minato escaped from Tobi"s Kamui, despite having to be caught in the an approach unexpectedly.

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3 minutes and also a couple of seconds later right into the episode, the 2 ran in the direction of each other. At an extremely close distance, Minato pulled off a Rasengan. Considering the glowing aura and the sound it makes, I"m pretty sure Tobi i found it it.

Tobi allow the kunai that Minato had thrown pass v him. So instead of using Kamui come let Minato phase with him, why walk Tobi keep going? Minato had currently escaped from Kamui once, and also that was as soon as he was captured unexpectedly.

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In thing 502 from web page 8, Tobi battled with Minato. Together nhahtdh commented, there is no factor to use the very same jutsu twice once the enemy can prevent it.

The image below shows Minato"s inner think moments before they clashed versus each other in the second image.


In the 2nd image you post above, if you take a closer look

You deserve to see the kunai passing v Tobi. If you space not aware, Tobi to be actually using Kamui to let the kunai pass v him. However, to attack, Tobi had to solidify his body. Tobi couldn"t attack and also defend at the very same time through Kamui. Correct me if i am dorn here.


As you can see from the above picture, Tobi touched Minato and also was going to attack. Ns don"t know what jutsu he was going to use, however Tobi to be confident that he would certainly win, so his totality body was solid and also he was not making use of Kamui.

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Hiraishin Level 2 was faster than Tobi"s attack, and also Boom. Rasengan.

So the factors why Tobi go not use Kamui to let Minato"s attack pass v him:

Using the same jutsu twice versus an upstream shinobi is foolish, unless one has well-grounded confidence the it will work, or has another motive.Tobi was confident that he was going to victory this fight, together you can see on third picture.