(turns plural & third person present) (turning present participle) (turned past tense & past participle )Turn is offered in a huge number of various other expressions which are defined under other words in the dictionary. For example, the expression `turn over a brand-new leaf" is defined at leaf.  

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1  verb 
When you revolve or as soon as you turn component of your body, you move your human body or part of your body so the it is facing in a various or the opposite direction. He turned abruptly and also walked away...  V He sighed, transforming away and surveying the sea...  V prep/adv He turned his head left and also right...  V n adv/prep   Turn roughly or rotate round way the very same as turn., phrasal verb I felt a tapping on my shoulder and also I turned around...  V P Turn your top body round so that your shoulders are facing to the side.  V n P 
2  verb 
When you turn something, you relocate it so that it is facing in a different or the contrary direction, or is in a an extremely different position. They turned their telescopes towards other surrounding galaxies...  V n prep/adv She had turned the bedside chair to challenge the door...  V n to-inf The lid, rotate upside down, served as a coffee table.  V-ed 
3  verb 
When something such as a wheel turns, or as soon as you revolve it, the continually moves roughly in a specific direction. As the wheel turned, the potter shaped the clay...  V The engine turn a propeller.  V n 
4  verb 
When you revolve something such as a key, knob, or switch, or as soon as it turns, you host it and twist your hand, in order to open something or do it begin working. Turn a distinct key, press the brake pedal, and your car"s brakes lock...  V n Turn the warmth to really low and cook because that 20 minutes...  V n prep/adv I do the efforts the doorknob and also it turned.  V 
5  verb 
When you turn in a details direction or rotate a corner, you adjust the direction in which friend are moving or travelling. Now turn right to monitor West Ferry Road...  V prep/adv The man with the umbrella rotate the corner again.  V n   Turn is likewise a noun., n-count You can"t do a right-hand rotate here.  
6  verb 
The point where a road, path, or flow turns, is the point where it has a bend or curve in it. ...the edge where Tenterfield roadway turned right into the main road.  V prep/adv, additionally V   Turn is also a noun., n-count ...a sharp turn in the road.  
7  verb 
When the birds turns, that starts coming in or walking out. There was not much time prior to the birds turned.  V 
8  verb 
When you revolve a page of a publication or magazine, you move it so the is flat versus the previous page, and also you deserve to read the following page. He turn the pages of a file in former of him.  V n 
9  verb 
If you revolve a weapon or an aggressive emotion on someone, you suggest it in ~ them or straight it at them. He make the efforts to turn the gun on me...  V n top top n The crowd 보다 turned your anger on prime Minister James Mitchell.  V n ~ above n 
10  verb 
If you revolve to a particular page in a book or magazine, you open it at that page. To order, rotate to page 236.  V come n 
11  verb 
If you rotate your attention or thoughts to a particular subject or if you revolve to it, you begin thinking around it or stating it. We turned our attention to the valuable matters relating to creating a company...  V n come n We turn now to the british news.  V to n 
12  verb 
If you rotate to someone, girlfriend ask because that their help or advice. For assistance, castle turned to one of the city"s most innovative museums...  V come n 
13  verb 
If friend turnto a specific activity, job, or means of doing something, you start doing or using it. These areas are now transforming to recycling in big numbers...  V to/from n/-ing 
14  verb 
To revolve or be turnedinto something method to come to be that thing. A prince turns into a frog in this cartoon fairytale...  V into/to n The hated dictator had actually turned his country into among the poorest police claims in Europe...  V n into/to n 
15  v-link 
You deserve to use turn before an adjective to show that something or someone alters by getting the quality explained by the adjective. (=become) If the bailiff thinks that things can turn nasty he will certainly enlist the aid of the police...  V adj 
16  v-link 
If something turns a specific colour or if something turns it a certain colour, it becomes that colour. The sea would turn pale pink and also the sky blood red...  V colour Her contact lenses turned her eyes green.  V n colour 
17  v-link 
You can use revolve to indicate that there is a readjust to a specific kind of weather. For example, if it transforms cold, the weather starts being cold. If it transforms cold, cover plants...  V adj 
18  n-count 
If a instance or trend takes a particular kind the turn, it alters so the it starts emerging in a different or the contrary way. with supp, oft N in n The scandal take it a new turn over the weekend.  
19  verb 
If a business turns a profit, it earns much more money 보다 it spends.  (AM, BUSINESS) no passive The certain will be able to service debt and still turn a usually profit...  V n in BRIT, usage make, return  
20  verb 
When someone turns a certain age, castle pass the age. Once it turns a certain time, the passes the time. It was his ambitious to accumulate a million dollars prior to he turned thirty...  V n 
21  n-sing 
Turn is offered in expressions such together the rotate of the century and also the turn of the year to refer to a duration of time once one century or year is ending and also the following one is beginning. the N the n They fled to southern America roughly the rotate of the century.  
22  verb 
When someone turns a wooden or steel object the they room making, they form it utilizing a distinct tool. ...the joys of do a life from turning wood.  V n 
23  n-count 
If the is your turnto carry out something, you now have the duty, chance, or best to execute it, as soon as other human being have excellent it prior to you or will execute it ~ you. usu v poss, oft N to-inf, N at -ing, N -ing Tonight it"s my rotate to cook..., Let each child have actually a turn at fishing...  
24  n-count 
If you say that someone is having a turn, you median they feel suddenly an extremely unwell for a short period of time.  (BRIT) INFORMAL 
26 You deserve to use by transforms to indicate that someone has actually two specific emotions or qualities, one after the other. ♦by turns  phrase PHR with group, PHR through v His tone to be by transforms angry and also aggrieved.  
27 If there is a particular turn the events, a particular collection of things happen. ♦turn that events 
 phrase They were horrified at this unexpected revolve of events.  
28 If girlfriend say that something wake up at every turn, you are emphasizing that it happens typically or all the time, typically so that it prevents you indigenous achieving what you want. ♦at every turn 
 phrase PHR after ~ v, PHR v cl  (emphasis) Its operations were hampered at every rotate by inadequate numbers that trained staff...  
29 If you perform someone a great turn, you execute something that helps or benefits them. ♦a great turn  phrase usu PHR after ~ v He did friend a an excellent turn through resigning...  
30 If someone turns a place inside the end or upside down, they find it very thoroughly and usually do it an extremely untidy. ♦turn sth inside out/turn sth upside down 
 phrase V inflects They hadn"t uncovered a scrap of proof though they had actually turned his level inside out.  
31 If something such together a mechanism or method of life is rotate inside out or upside down, that is changed completely, making human being confused or upset. ♦turn sth inside out/turn sth upside down 
 phrase V inflects He felt also shocked come move. His human being had been turned upside down.  
32 You use in turn to refer to actions or occasions that space in a sequence one ~ the other, for example since one causes the other. ♦in turn 
 phrase PHR through cl/group One of the members of the operation team leaked the story come a other physician who, in turn, confided in a reporter.  
33 If each person in a group does other in turn, they execute it one after the various other in a solved or agreed order. ♦in turn 
 phrase PHR after ~ v There were cheers because that each that the ladies as they spoke in turn.  
34 If friend speak out of rotate or talk out of turn, you speak something the you execute not have the right or government to say. ♦speak out of turn/talk out of turn 
 phrase V inflects I hope i haven"t talked out of turn.  
35 If two or more people take it turnsto do something, or in brothers English take it it in turnsto execute something, they perform it one after the various other several times, quite than doing it together. ♦take turns/take that in turns 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR to-inf We took transforms to journey the car...  
36 If a instance takes a rotate for the worse, it unexpectedly becomes worse. If a case takes a revolve for the better, it suddenly becomes better. ♦take a turn for the worse/take a turn for the better 
 phrase V inflects Her condition took a sharp turn for the worse.  turn against  phrasal verb If friend turn against someone or something, or if you space turned versus them, you prevent supporting them, trusting them, or liking them. A child I offered to it is in friends through turned against me after being told the I"d to be insulting him...  V ns n Working with the police has actually turned me against the use of violent scenes together entertainment.  V n p n turn around , revolve round 
2  phrasal verb If you turn something around, or if it transforms around, the is relocated so the it deals with the opposite direction. Bud turned the truck around, and started ago for Dalton Pond...  V n P He had actually reached end to revolve round a bottle of champagne so the the brand didn"t show...  V ns n (not pron) There was enough room because that a wheelchair to gain in yet not to turn round.  V P 
3  phrasal verb 
If other such as a business or economic climate turns around, or if someone turns it around, it i do not care successful, ~ being not successful for a duration of time.  (BUSINESS) Turning the company around won"t be easy...  V n P In his long career in ~ BP, Horton turned approximately two whole divisions...  V ns n (not pron) If the economic situation turned round the prime Minister"s government would quickly increase.  V P 
4  phrasal verb 
If you say the someone transforms around and also says something, you room indicating the they to speak it all of sudden or angrily, specifically in order come criticize another person or to safeguard themselves. INFORMAL I feel that if i say how exhausted I get, David will turn around and also say, `I told you so".  V P and v 
5  phrasal verb 
If friend turn approximately a question, sentence, or idea, you readjust the way in which the is expressed, in stimulate to consider it differently. Now turn the question around and start looking no for what girlfriend did wrong in the past, yet for what you have the right to do to do things far better in the future...  V n P It"s an instance of just how you deserve to turn roughly the sentence and create a whole new meaning.  V ns n (not pron) 
1  phrasal verb If you rotate someone away, you carry out not allow them to get in your country, home, or various other place. Turning refugees away would be one inhumane action...  V n P Hard times room forcing neighborhood colleges to revolve away students.  V p n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
To revolve awayfrom something such together a technique or an idea method to avoid using that or to become different from it. Japanese corporations have actually been turning away indigenous production and have diverted right into finance and real estate...  V ns from n turn back 
1  phrasal verb If girlfriend turn ago or if someone turns you ago when you are going somewhere, you change direction and also go in the direction of where you started from. She turned ago towards the crossroads...  V ns prep/adv They were really nearly forced to rotate back...  V P Police attempted come turn back protesters marching towards the offices of chairman Ershad.  V ns n (not pron), additionally V n P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you cannotturn back, girlfriend cannot adjust your plans and also decide not to carry out something, since the activity you have already taken makes it impossible. with brd-neg The administration has now endorsed the bill and also can"t turn back.  V P turn down 
1  phrasal verb If you turn down a human being or your request or offer, girlfriend refuse their request or offer. (=reject) Before this I"d have smiled and turned she down...  V n P Would you rotate down $7,000,000 to appear nude in a magazine?  V p n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
When you revolve down a radio, heater, or other piece of equipment, you mitigate the lot of sound or warm being produced, by adjusting the controls., (Antonym: rotate up) He kept transforming the main heating down...  V n P She could not be afflicted with the sewage music and turned down the volume.  V ns n (not pron) turn in 
1  phrasal verb When you rotate in, you walk to bed. INFORMAL Would you favor some tea before you turn in?  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you turn someone in, you take it them come the police or phone call the police wherein they are due to the fact that they space suspected that committing a crime. If you turn yourself in, you go to the police due to the fact that you have been associated in a crime. He has been provided until noon today to revolve himself in come authorities...  V n ns to n There would certainly be strong incentives to revolve someone in...  V n P I might today hesitate to revolve in a burglar.  V ns n (not pron), likewise V ns n (not pron) to n 
3  phrasal verb 
When you revolve in a completed piece of work, especially written work, you provide it come the human who asked you to carry out it. (=hand in) Now we wait because that them to rotate in your essays...  V p n (not pron) I desire everybody to rotate a report in.  V n P 
4  phrasal verb 
If you turn something in, girlfriend return it to the location or human being you borrowed it from.  (mainly AM) (=return) I went back to the station-house to revolve in mine badge and gun...  V p n (not pron) turn off 
1  phrasal verb If you turn off the road or route you space going along, you begin going along a various road or route which leads far from it. The van turned off the key road follow me the gravelly track which resulted in the farm...  V ns n (not pron) He turned off just to uncover he was trapped in a town square through no simple exit.  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
When you rotate off a piece of equipment or a supply of something, you prevent heat, sound, or water being produced by adjusting the controls. (=switch off)  (Antonym: rotate on) The light"s a bit too harsh. You have the right to turn that off...  V n P I have to get up and turn off the radio...  V p n (not pron) 
3  phrasal verb 
If something turns you turn off a certain subject or activity, it renders you have actually no interest in it. What turns teens off science and technology?...  V n ns n Teaching off a blackboard is boring, and also undoubtedly turns people off.  V n P, also V ns n (not pron)  → turn-off 
4  phrasal verb If something or someone transforms you off, you perform not find them sexually attractive or they avoid you emotion sexually excited. INFORMAL, Antonym: revolve on Aggressive men turn me off completely.  V n P, also V p n (not pron)  → turn-off turn on 
1  phrasal verb When you turn on a item of equipment or a supply of something, you reason heat, sound, or water come be produced by adjusting the controls. (=switch on)  (Antonym: rotate off) I desire to revolve on the television...  V p n (not pron) She asked them why lock hadn"t rotate the lamp on.  V n P 
2  phrasal verb 
If who or something transforms you on, they tempt you and also make you feel sexually excited. INFORMAL, Antonym: rotate off The body the turns males on doesn"t have to be perfect.  V n P  → turn-on 
3  phrasal verb If girlfriend say that someone turns on a particular method of behaving, you typical that castle suddenly begin behaving in the way, and also you space often likewise suggesting the this is insincere. INFORMAL He could likewise turn on the style when the chance demanded.  V p n (not pron), also V n P 
4  phrasal verb 
If someone transforms on you, they strike you or speak angrily to you. Demonstrators turned on police, overturning vehicles and setting fire come them...  V p n 
5  phrasal verb 
If something turns on a certain thing, that is success or fact depends on that thing. (=hinge on) The plot transforms on even if it is Ilsa will choose her lover or her husband.  V p n turn out 
1  phrasal verb If something turns out a specific way, it wake up in that method or has the an outcome or level of success indicated. (=work out) If I had known mine life to be going to revolve out like this, i would have actually let them kill me...  V p prep Sometimes points don"t rotate out the method we think they"re walking to...  V p n I was optimistic things were going to rotate out fine.  V p adj 
2  phrasal verb 
When you room commenting on satisfied weather, you deserve to say that is has actually turned the end nice or fine, particularly if this is unexpected.  (BRIT) SPOKEN It"s turned the end nice again.  it V p adj 
3  phrasal verb 
If something transforms outto be a particular thing, that is discovered to be that thing. Cosgrave"s forecast turned out to be rather wrong...  V ns to-inf It turned the end that ns knew the human being who got shot.  it V-ed p that 
4  phrasal verb 
When you revolve out something such together a light or gas, you move the switch or knob the controls the so the it stops providing out light or heat. (=turn off) I"ll simply play until the janitor come round to revolve the lights out.  V n P, additionally V p n (not pron) 
5  phrasal verb 
If a business or other company turns the end something, that produces it. They have actually been transforming out good blades because that 400 years.  V ns n (not pron), likewise V n P 
6  phrasal verb 
If you turn someone outof a place, particularly the place where they have actually been living, you pressure them come leave the place. (=throw out) Surely nobody would suggest turning him out of the house...  V n p of/from n It was previously a little monastery yet the authorities turned every the monks out.  V n P, also V p n (not pron) 
7  phrasal verb 
If you turn out the components of a container, you empty it through removing them or letting them fall out. Turn out the dough on to a floured surface...  V ns n (not pron) Turn the plants out of their pots.  V n ns of/from n, also V n P 
8  phrasal verb 
If world turn outfor a details event or activity, lock go and also take component in the or watch it. Thousands of civilization turned out for the funeral...  V ns for n It was no wonder the pan turned out. The matches yielded 259 goals.  V P 
1  phrasal verb If you rotate something over, or if it turns over, that is moved so that the top component is now dealing with downwards. Liz choose up the blue envelope and also turned it over curiously...  V n P I don"t intend you believed to revolve over the tape, walk you?...  V ns n (not pron) The buggy turned over and Nancy was thrown out.  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you revolve over, for instance when you room lying in bed, you relocate your human body so that you are lying in a different position. Ann turned end in her bed as soon as more.  V P 
3  phrasal verb 
If you revolve something overin your mind, friend think carefully about it. Even once she didn"t speak anything you might see her transforming things over in she mind.  V n p in n 
4  phrasal verb 
If you revolve something overto someone, you offer it to them as soon as they ask because that it, because they have actually a ideal to it. (=hand over) I would, indeed, revolve the evidence over to the police...  V n ns (not pron) to n The lawyer turned end the release papers.  V ns n (not pron) 
5  phrasal verb 
If you turn over a task or obligation that girlfriend have, you give it to someone else, so the you no longer have actually it. The King might turn over some of his official short articles to his son...  V ns n (not pron) to n 
6  phrasal verb 
If you turn over once you are watching television, you readjust to one more channel. Whenever he"s top top TV, I revolve over.  V P 
7  → turnover 
turn end to  phrasal verb If you rotate something over to a different duty or use, you adjust its function or use. When he first leased the soil in the so late 1970s, the planned to revolve it end to cereal production.  V n p P n, likewise V ns n (not pron) p n turn round  → turn around turn up 
1  phrasal verb If girlfriend say that someone or something turns up, you average that castle arrive, often unexpectedly or after ~ you have been waiting a long time. (=show up) Richard had turned up on Christmas Eve v Tony...  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you rotate something increase or if it transforms up, friend find, discover, or notification it. Investigations have never turned up any kind of evidence.  V p n (not pron) ...a really rare 15th-Century spoon, which turned up in an old home in Devon.  V P 
3  phrasal verb 
When you revolve up a radio, heater, or other piece of equipment, you rise the lot of sound, heat, or strength being produced, by adjusting the controls., (Antonym: revolve down) Bill would revolve up the TV in the other room...  V ns n (not pron) I turned the volume up...  V n P Turn the heat up high.  V n ns adj 
  (about-turns plural )An about-turn is the same as one about-face.  (BRIT)  n-count in AM, usage about-face  
star turn 
  (star turns plural )Thestar rotate of a power or show is the main item, or the one the is taken into consideration to it is in the most exciting or exciting.  (mainly BRIT)  n-count usu the N in sing 
three-point turn   (three-point turns plural )When the driver the a car does a three-point turn, the or she transforms the auto by control forwards in a curve, then backwards in a curve, and then forwards in a curve.  n-count 
2  n-count 
Something that is a turn-off causes you to lose interest or sex-related excitement. INFORMAL usu sing 
  (turn-ons plural )Something or someone that is a turn-on is sexually exciting. INFORMAL  n-count usu sing 
turn signal   (turn signals plural )A car"s revolve signals room the flashing lights that tell girlfriend it is walking to revolve left or right.  (AM)  n-count in BRIT, usage indicators  
  (turn-ups plural )The turn-ups on a pair that trousers room the components which are folded end at the ends of the legs.  (BRIT)  n-count usu pl in AM, usage cuffs  
1  n-count If you make a U-turn as soon as you room driving or cycling, you rotate in a fifty percent circle in one movement, so that you room then walk in opposing direction. 
2  n-count 
If you describe a change in a politician"s policy, plans, or actions as a U-turn, you median that the is a complete change and that they made the change because they to be weak or to be wrong., (disapproval) ...a humiliating U-turn by the prime Minister.  

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