a combine form meaning “hundredth” or “hundred,” supplied in the development of link words: centiliter; centimeter; centipede.

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center-weighted irradiate meter, facility wheel, centesimal, centesimo, centesis, centi-, centiare, centibar, centigrade, centigram, centile

Centi- is a combining type used prefer a prefix meaning “hundredth” or “hundred.” In science, centi- is very commonly offered as a prefix in systems of measure up equaling a factor of “one hundredth.”

Centi- comes from the Latin centum, an interpretation “hundred.” words cent, as in a hundredth the a dollar and also known as a penny, ultimately originates from this very same Latin root, as does percent. The Greek word for “hundred” is hekatón, resource of the combining forms hecto-, hect-, hekto-, and also hekt-, i m sorry you have the right to learn more about in our Words that Use write-ups for the forms.

What room variants the centi-?

When an unified with indigenous or word elements that begin with a vowel, centi- becomes cent-, as in centare.

Examples that centi-

One example of a term featuring centi- the you may have encountered is centimeter, “one 100th that a meter.”

The centi- component of the word here way “hundredth,” as used in devices of measure. The -meter component in this word describes meter, “the fundamental unit of size in the metric system.” Centimeter literally way “a hundredth that a meter.”

Centimeter originates from the French centimètre, which supplies the equivalent form of centi- in the language.

What room some words that usage the combining form centi-?

Most that the adhering to forms attribute the equivalent creates of centi- in French or Latin.

What room some other creates that centi- may be frequently confused with?

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The combining kind -pede way “having a foot.” A centipede is a kind of insect with many legs—from 17 to 173 bag of them. What walk the name centipede literally interpret to?

How to use centi- in a sentence

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British mmsanotherstage2019.com interpretations for centi-


before a vowel cent-

denoting one hundredthcentimetre Symbol: c
rare denoting a hundredcentipede

Word origin for centi-

from French, indigenous Latin centum hundred

Medical definitions for centi-

One-hundredth component (10-2):centiliter.
One hundred (102):centigrade.

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Scientific meanings for centi-

A prefix an interpretation “a hundredth,” as in centigram, a hundredth the a gram.


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