Original answer: "It is located near san Francisco in a town called Oakland. So mine guess is Oakland."

-- I"m afraid that"s no it, together the Oakland airport is entirely various than SFO which is located south of mountain Francisco proper and also not east throughout the bay Bridge.

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The "O" is very likely the final "O" in mountain FranciscO. There are a many "SF" airports throughout the world -- mountain Felix (SFX), mountain Fernando (in California that"s SFR, but there are also San Fernando airports in the Philippines and also Spain together well)...

So because that an abbreviated airport code wherein there room many comparable airport codes, in this situation you gain SFO.

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It represents San Francisco, Oakland. Ns was an import manager because that 7 years and also my old boss confirmed this. He was and still is in import export due to the fact that the 30"s. At once there to be one port name for san Francisco, Oakland. SFO Planes would certainly land in mountain Francisco first then go to Oakland. Over there was even a airplane that went down on the means to Oakland in the san Francisco bay.

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