Letter K attributesMeaning and Specification
Astrological signTaurus
SymbolPalm the hand, light, the calf
Spiritual meaningKundalini, Kabbalah, Knowledge, King
Numerology value11/2
Stand forKey, Kingdom, Kindness, Known
Spiritual an interpretation of letter K

Meaning the Letter K

Letter K synchronizes to Kaph in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning palm the the hand. It symbolizes the action of taking hold of opportunities and grounding them right into physical reality. The astrological prize of Kaph is Taurus, whose leader is earth Venus.

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When we pronounce kaph, that sounds favor “caf” or “calf”. In the Bible, when the Jews worshiped the calf, it is the symbolic representation of acquisition Venus or Taurus together an idol. Taurus symbolizes product possession, money, and also physical reality in astrology. If you rotate the photo of kaph, it literally symbolizes the horn that the Bull (Taurus).

Letter Kaph (K) in Hebrew

Thus, the totality story that worshiping the calf (K) each other the materialistic propensity in our person nature that puts money over spirituality. There is yes, really not lot difference in between the Jewish golden calf and the gold bull top top Wallstreet nowadays.

The golden calf (K) back then and also nowadays….

Being the 11th letter, K is the symbolic irradiate the illuminates after getting to perfection (10). In numerology:

LIGHT = 3 + 9 + 7 + 8 + 2 = 29/11/2Thus, K is the welcome authorize for the new initiate to seek spiritual truths. This is why as soon as they are initiated into a new order, they have to walk v 2 pillars that Jachin and Boaz. These pillars representing the duality the letter K: good and evil, positive and also negative, light and also dark.

In spirituality, K likewise represents the Kundalini serpents increasing from the base of our spine. This 2 coiled serpents are additionally the twin nature in ~ our gift (1+1=2): Masculine and feminine principle. When we harmonize these forces, lock will climb up and also open each chakra castle encounter. Thus, we are enlightened because the chakra will spread out out light as soon as it is activated.

Caduceus wand

In Egypt, K means King, representing the posture of a was standing king through a mace. In this picture, the mace is symbolic that the lowercase b, representing Osiris’s gonads. The small letter k resembles the throne over Isis’s head, i m sorry is the kingdom of her descendants on Earth.

Letter K as standing posture of the King
Letter k together the throne over Isis’s head

“And remember once We saved you indigenous the people of Pharaoh, that afflicted you through the worst torment – killing her sons and also keeping your women alive. And also in that was a an excellent trial from her Lord.” (Quran – 7:141)

Osiris and his descendants were well-known as the “breeders” due to the fact that they bred extensively on every country they acquired power over. Lock slew the male and bred through the female to store their royal bloodline outspread in the world. If you were to wonder why there room so many people suffer in the worlds, it could be described in this scriptures verse:

“Thou shalt not bow under thyself to them, nor offer them: for i theLordthy God to be a jealousy God, visiting the iniquity the the fathers upon the kids unto the 3rd and 4th generation of lock that dislike me.” (Exodus 20:5)

Meaning of Letter K in your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter the your very first name starts with K, you are Kind, Keen, and also Knowledgeable in character. The photo of K is the 2 V pointing in 2 directions: up and down. Therefore, human being with K in their names get the divine revelation from over and manifest their insights right into the material world.

As K stands steady on the ground, it suggests that you are a human being who has material influence. Together K’s numerical worth is 2, you seek harmony, balance, and beauty in every aspect of your life. You are blessed with artistic and musical talents under the influence of earth Venus. K people possess the spiritual discovering that unlocks the key to the unseen world. Friend should constantly choose the spirituality over product path due to the fact that it will “light” up her body, mind, and soul.

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Negative Traits

When K’s power becomes negative, you have the right to be easily hurt due to oversensitivity. The an adverse sides of K’s vibration have the right to manifest together deceptive, dishonest, intolerant, and sneaky in personality. Girlfriend should find out to calm yourself down against the chaos the life and also transfer the magnificent revelation you got to other people.