How to read a volleyball box score

A box score summarizes a sporting occasion by providing information around scoring as well as the significant statistical categories for each player. While no as ubiquitous as the ones because that baseball you’ll discover in many newspapers, volleyball additionally has crate scores. They deserve to be useful in number of ways, including: to examine what taken place in a video game you missed, to compare how a team stacks up versus its competition, or come see exactly how a player is advancing throughout a season. Come the casual fan package score might seem like an i can not understand listing of random letters and also numbers. However, making sense out of castle is no too difficult and may help improve your knowledge of the game.

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This is a common box score (sans the listings because that the the contrary team):


At the an extremely top of this truncated instance (but likely in the middle of an actual crate score), most likely most recognizable to every fans, is the line score. This is a listing the the scores of the complement by game. The home team is provided below the visiting team.

The large table in the center is whereby your eyes begin to glaze over if friend don’t understand what you’re looking at! ~ above the much left is the ar which lists the players and also jersey numbers. The first six names noted are the starters for the match. The continuing to be names space players that were substituted in throughout the match.

Now we get into the abbreviations!

GP: the variety of games played in the match by each player.

K: An strike is a player sending out the round over the net in an attempt to score. A kill is videotaped whenever an strike is unreturnable. A kill always results in point.

E: one error is recorded once an strike attempt offers the opposition a point. Examples of an assault error include an adversary blocking the assault for a suggest or a player hitting the sphere out of bounds. An assault error always results in a allude for the various other team.

TA: Total attempts simply equates to the complete numbers the kills, errors, and also zero strikes (a zero attack is when when the opposition keeps the round in pat after an strike – these room not listed separately in package score).

PCT: Hitting percentage is derived from this formula:(KILLS – ERRORS) / total ATTEMPTS = HITTING PERCENTAGE.

A: an assist help is given when a player sends out the ball (via a set, dig, or pass) come a teammate who then gets a kill.

SA: A service ace is awarded when a serve can not be returned and results in a point, or as soon as a serve leads to a violation by the foe that results in a point.

SE: A service error is charged when the serve is unsuccessful. Instances include: when the serve does not clear the net or lands out of bounds, or as soon as the server commits one error, such as foot faulting.

RE: A reception error is when a player receiving the serve messes up. This could be by make an unplayable happen after receiving the serve, letting the serve hit the floor nearby or committing an infraction while acquisition the serve. The agree error is fee to the team if the offer lands between two players who could have taken it or if the receiving team is out of rotation. The is crucial to note that any time an ace is videotaped by the serving team, a agree error have to be charged to the receiving team.

DIG: A statistical dig is provided anytime an attack is efficiently defended. The dig can be pass to another player or sent back over the net. A destruction that is not retained in beat is no awarded in the stats.

BS: A block solo is offered when a player efficiently blocks an strike attempt because that a score through themselves.

BA: If more than one player goes as much as block, even if only one of the players touches the ball, and the block results in a allude then each player obtain a block assist.

BE: A blocking error occurs once the blocker commits an error that causes the referee to whistle the pat dead. Keep in mind that a blocked round going out of bounds or into the net is not a prevent error. Prevent errors include a blocker: reaching over the net, going right into the net, cram the ball, etc. A impede error outcomes in a kill for the attacker.

BHE: Ball taking care of errors include twin hits, lifted balls, and thrown balls unless they loss under the reception errors, strike errors, or blocking errors noted above.

The critical stat to note is the total team blocks. The is calculated utilizing this formula:BLOCK SOLOS + (1/2 x BLOCK ASSISTS) = complete TEAM BLOCKS

The remainder of the box score includes the adversaries stats, team stats derived from the above individual categories, and also information around the game venue.

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Hopefully this was watered down sufficient for the causal pan to gain not just a much better understanding of simply what those block of numbers typical but likewise give a higher sense that appreciation because that the video game while the town hall live as well.