A bout that deep depression.Can"t it seems ~ to relocate it forward.My lying eye lie awake.Not sure what ns am after.I never died before.Can"t aid what occurred yesterday.I never ever stoned the crow, no.Flip through unlimited stories.A life of hand-written pain.No one deserve to share this hurt that is mine, mine, mine.I never died before.Can"t be what taken place yesterday.I shouldn"t rock the crow, no.Ride on!Same old city, very same old pain.No matter just how I try,No issue what i say,I"m blamed, I"m shamed,I"m judged unfairly.So currently I"ve passed away before.It feel as bad as yesterday.I never ever stoned the crow, no.You as well have died before.It"s much more than less of yesterday.I never stoned the crow, stoned the crow, no, no.

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Stone the Crow lyrics as composed by Pepper Keenan Philip Anselmo

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General CommentExconvictARYAN - placed your money whereby your mouth is and also denounce Phil for being French and also Italian blood and also not Aryan. That"s what you believe in, isn"t it? Oh, not once it suits you? Ah, yes sir ;-)I think whatever race and background girlfriend are, strength and also pride assist you and everyone you care about. Crap illusions.

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General CommentI think choose Ruxi claimed the song is around the depression in Phil"s life and the feel of hostility he appeared to breed - "no issue what ns say, I"m blamed, I"m shamed, I"m judged unfairly". Amazing fucking line.He likewise keeps talking about "yesterday" so ns think it"s likewise looking into the past - he"s saying that he can"t readjust the selections he"s made or live in the past, but he"s sunk to such deep pain that he feels like the human being that he was is dying. When he says "I"ve never passed away before" it"s in the paper definition of "... However now ns am", prefer he states in the last component of the song, "so currently I"ve passed away before". That doesn"t recognize who that is anymore.And "stone the crow" ns think you can take together a an allegory for death. In the first verse it has the same an interpretation "never passed away before/never stoned the crow", and in the second verse he says "I should"ve stoned the crow" which i guess could mean 2 things: he must have ended his life, or (more positive) simply said fuck it and also done miscellaneous to readjust his life, "killed" turn off his current means of living prior to things sank to the method they space in the song.The critical 4 lines.... Ns don"t know, maybe he is speak to the world who blame, shame and judge the unfairly the they space dead come him too. The "thought the sown as yesterday" -- he has never given two shits about forgetting who these people are. And then he ends again top top "I never stoned the crow" - he thinks to himself despite all his shit and also "killing" those that rise versus him, that still hasn"t sorted his own life the end yet.