Puta (plural, putas) literally way “whore” in Spanish, yet depending ~ above the context, it have the right to also duty like the English fucking, bitch, and motherfucker.

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 It is frequently exclaimed in frustration or surprise.

The ultimate beginning of puta is obscure, despite it’s generally thought come come from a Latin word for a “girl.” forms of the word are found throughout the romance languages, not just Spanish.

While that seems most likely that puta was just a neutral term because that a “girl” at some early on point, there’s proof that puta was likewise being offered for prostitutes.


In Spanish, puta expanded as a derogatory word for “whore” to an all-purpose swear, sort of choose the English fuck, which varieties from you small fuck to abso-fuckin-lutely. Puta is regularly used an exclamation of surprise, positive or negative: Puta! I simply stubbed mine toe.


Puta is found in English texts by the 1930s. It might be related to poontang (“sex”) and also is definitely related come puttanesca (an Italian pasta sauce said to it is in quickly and also easily make by prostitutes between clients).

instances of puta

matthew: here she comes ns cant stand this puta / also matthew being a fake bitch: oh hey baby girl exactly how you doin?
maialecs, May, 2018
Left his wife, but she to be a puta. Currently he"s acquired some pocho by the border and also I"ve gained two sisters…
Bryan Washington, Boston Review, November, 2017
Theres this one time ns shitted in ~ work and also there to be a customer that was waiting for me to complete so she have the right to use the toilet, when she stepped inside ns heard she say “puta madre” LMFAO damn MY BAD.
ariellejdsj, June, 2018

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Who provides puta?

Puta is exceptionally versatile, discovered in Spanish anywhere the world and also even in English when code-switching.


First and also foremost, it’s one insult, supplied to call someone a “slut” or degrade lock in general. It is likewise used as an intensifier (e.g., I need to go to the puta (fuckin’) DMV).

kayleeshoe23 i went to obtain my physics today. The puta medical professional kept my packet and said I required to pick it up tomorrow! #pissed

— mike (
magicmike1995) February 21, 2013

Puta is component of a variety of vulgar share phrases in Spanish, including  hijo de puta (“son the a bitch”), puta madre (“motherfucker” or “fuck off”), and ni puta idea (I’ve gained no fucking idea). These expressions get used idiomatically (e.g., trabajo de puta madre (“fucking shitty work”).

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#thatstrue RT
georgelopez pic.twitter.com/aK2h9QDufc

— George Lopez (
georgelopez) respectable 3, 2015

While used frequently in not blocked Spanish, puta is still thought about a really vulgar and forecful word. It’s no all negative, though. Part friends might contact each various other puta in a playful way, lot like the English betch.


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