This one is a pretty simple onomatopoeia expression to remember. Just think of Pokémon"s mascot Pikachu, and also how bright and also dazzling his thunderbolts are!Example:彼の車はピカピカに磨かれている。Kare no kuruma wa pika-pika ni migakarete iru.

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His vehicle has a nice, shiny polish.


from the verb waku (沸く), which means to boil water, or to erupt in applause or cheers, waku-waku is an explosive, joyful feeling that friend can"t organize in any kind of longer. Uneven doki-doki, which can be offered to explain both hopeful and an unfavorable feelings, waku-waku is identified with optimistic emotions the anticipation.Example:彼に会えると思うとワクワクする。Kare ni aeru to omo come waku-waku suru.I"m excited by the mere assumed of conference him.


Sara-sara actually has several meanings, but generally it"s the sound miscellaneous makes as soon as it flutters lightly. It can mean the light rustling the the trees in the wind, or the sound of snow hitting the asphalt. Example:木の葉がさらさらと風に鳴った.Konoha ga sara-sara to kaze ni natta. The leaves rustled in the wind.


component of what renders onomatopoeia so amazing is how incredibly flexible it have the right to be. Take goro-goro, because that example! It deserve to be provided to describe the thunder of an oncoming storm, that weird noise your stomach provides after eating too lot or the sound of something big and heavy rolling away. It can also be provided to explain a conversation you"ve heard a million time before, and the feeling of idling about the residence on a lazy work off. With so many meanings, this one deserves more than example!Examples:雷がゴロゴロと鳴って大雨が降り始めた。Kaminari ga goro-goro come natte, o-ame ga furi hajimeta.The thunder rumbled and also it began to pour.先週末は家でゴロゴロして過ごした。Sen-shumatsu wa in other words de goro-goro shite sugoshita.

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Last main I just lazed around the house.


Lastly, we have actually pera-pera, which means fluently. Specifically, come speak a international language fluently.Example:彼は日本語がペラペラだ。Kare wa nihongo ga pera-pera da.He speaks Japanese fluently.And if you deserve to utilize these ten onomatopoeia expressions, hope you"ll it is in a little closer to her goal of speak Japanese fluently!

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