Make a phone contact to report something. (Probably more common in the UK than the US.)

Do something without trying an extremely hard. (Probably more common in the us than the UK.)

I'm guessing in this instance it's #1.

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#2 is typically a third-person observation about someone else, such together a professional athlete, e.g. "Wow, if the doesn't gain his head in the game, we're going come lose." "Yeah, he's really just phoning the in today."

I’m British and I’ve heard both senses that “phone the in”. The “do miscellaneous half-assed” definition might be an American phrase but I’ve heard British world say that (possibly emulating American TV shows?).

You’ll understand from context which that means.

It usually way to contact someone up and report something. Commonly in a professional capacity.

These civilization might phone it in:

police officer

a drug dealer

health inspector

Edit: the ‘it’ in the sentence is whatever needs to be reported.

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I'd disagree, back this renders sense I've never ever heard it supplied in this context.

To phone the in means to carry out the minimum possible, expend the least feasible effort and do something there is no enthusiasm, much like "going through the motions."

So one might say "I observed Bob Dylan critical night, i was really disappointed, he simply phoned it in."

There's a description of the etymology here

Thank you guys. Come clarify the context ns am including another part of it. This component is just how the other character responds come phone the in offer. >> since the writer the the publication is anonymous us can't be certain whether the writer is English or American