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Essential French Expression

Meaningme too, so perform I
Literallyme also

Usage notes: Moi aussi is a quick way to agree through what someone simply said.

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Par exemple…

– J’aime ce film.– Moi aussi.– I prefer this movie.– Me too.
– Je préfère le livre.– Moi aussi.– I favor the book.– So do I.

The stressed pronoun moi can be changed with any type of other emphasize pronoun come indicate one more person’s covenant with a statement.

toi aussiyou too, so do you
lui aussihim too, so does he
elle aussiher too, so does she
nous aussius too, so do we
vous aussiyou too, so do you
eux aussithem too, so carry out they
elles aussithem too, so execute they

Par exemple…

– Il aime ce film.– Nous aussi.– the likes this movie.– So execute we.
– Elle aime ce livre.– Eux aussi.– She likes this book.– them too.

The stressed pronoun can likewise be replaced with a noun or name:

l’épicier aussiso does the grocer, the grocer go too
les étudiants aussiso do the students, the students execute too
Henri aussiso go Henri, Henri go too
Hélène et Laure aussiso perform Hélène and Laure, Hélène and also Laure execute too

Par exemple…

– Mon fils aime cette émission.– Mes enfants aussi.– My kid likes this show.– So do my kids.
– Je veux partir.– Marc aussi.– I desire to leave.– Marc does too.

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 Moi aussi cannot agree through a an unfavorable statement; because that that, you need moi non plus.