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miss Maudie teaches the youngsters several life lessons: To present sympathy and also consideration because that others, to exercise moderation, to it is in humble and satisfied with what one has, and to not tolerate hypocrisy.

Moderation and also sympathy:

While sitting with miss out on Maudie on she porch one evening, enlightenment asks her neighbor if ...

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Miss Maudie teaches the kids several life lessons: To show sympathy and also consideration for others, to exercise moderation, to be humble and also satisfied through what one has, and to no tolerate hypocrisy.

Moderation and sympathy:

While sitting with miss out on Maudie on she porch one evening, reconnaissance asks she neighbor if Boo Radley is still alive. Miss Maudie states that the is; however, he remains inside. Once Scout asks she why Boo does not wish to walk outside, miss out on Maudie replies,"Wouldn"t you stay in the home if friend didn"t desire to come out?" (Ch.5) Then, she do the efforts to explain to Scout exactly how intractable Mr. Radley to be because of being a "foot-washing Baptist"; the is, he believed that "anything that"s satisfied is a sin"(Ch.5). Miss Maudie describes that the bible in the hand of an intractable man is worse 보다 a whiskey bottle in the hand the a good, secure man. That is, Mr. Radley"s penalty of Arthur when he was a teenager to be excessive, affect Arthur"s secluded life. Miss Maudie means that a much more moderate penalty would have been better for Arthur.

Consideration because that others:

When a rare snow concerns Maycomb, miss Maudie allows the children to gather few of her snow to do a snowman. But when she notices the Jem has taken her hat, she calls come him to return it. Later, Jem and also Scout listen Atticus talking with miss out on Maudie ~ he has scolded Jem because that making a caricature that Mr. Avery. The kids hear miss out on Maudie say," . . . Erected an pure morphodite in the yard—Atticus, you"ll never raise "em!" (Ch.8) She teases Atticus however agrees v his having actually told the youngsters that they cannot make imitations of the neighbors.

Strength and courage:

After her house burns come the ground, miss out on Maudie is courageous and also strong, and she teaches the youngsters by example to no be materialistic. As soon as Scout asks her, "You ain"t grievin", miss out on Maudie?" she answers, "Grieving child? Why, I hated that old cow barn. Assumed of settin" fire come it a hundred time myself, except they"d lock me up" (Ch.8). She does not mourn the lose of her possessions as countless a human being would, nor does she feel sorry for herself. Instead, she speak of a brand-new garden the she will certainly have. She likewise expresses she sorrow for every "the danger and commotion" the fire has caused the neighbors.

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Counteracting hypocrisy:

After the trial of Tom Robinson, Scout"s Aunt Alexandra stop a tea in ~ Atticus"s house. Mrs. Merriweather, a sanctimonious hypocrite who attends the Maycomb Methodist Episcopal Church South, praises the Reverend J. Grimes Everett, a missionary in Africa, because that the work that that does. Shortly after she compliments to the minister, however, Mrs. Merriweather complains about the black world in Maycomb. She explains her maid together "a sulky darky" that does not act choose a Christian lately because she grumbles about the verdict of the Tom Robinson trial. Then, Mrs. Merriweather derogates Atticus in his own home as she speak to one of her friends named Gertrude,

"I tell you there room some great but misguided civilization in this town. Good, however misguided . . . That think they"re doing ideal . . . A while back, however all castle did to be stir "em up. That"s every they did. . . " (Ch. 24)

When miss Maudie hears these words the Mrs. Merriweather"s, she sarcastically asks Mrs. Merriweather, "His food doesn"t stick going down, walk it?" (Ch.24) Mrs. Merriweather pretends the she walk not know what is being asked of her. However, Aunt Alexandra has likewise heard this question, and also she provides Miss Maudie a look at of "pure gratitude" because that the attack on Mrs. Merriweather"s hypocrisy because Mrs. Merriweather has praised Reverend Everett, but disparaged Mr. Atticus Finch in whose residence she is eating and also drinking tea.