What does MIA Mean?

MIA usually method "Missing In Action." the is likewise the title of a song by Puerto Rican singer bad Bunny and the phase name of brothers artist Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam. Here is much more information around each of these meanings of MIA, along with examples of use.Missing In ActionThe abbreviation MIA is a term offered by the armed forces (especially in the US) to describe a company person that is "Missing In Action" (i.e., who who has actually not returned from a army operation and also whose fate is unknown).

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Although "Missing In Action" has a army origin, MIA is now frequently seen top top gaming forums and is likewise widely offered to describe anyone who has actually not been seen for a while. For example:Dominic Satini: Is Sinjin still detailed as MIA?Stringfellow Hawke: Yes. But, I"m going to take Airwolf and find him.(Here, MIA is being supplied in its military sense.)Alan: Party time! Where"s Toby?Joe: He"s MIA again!(Here, MIA is being used in its broader sense. It means that Toby has disappeared, e.g., gone home, met a girl, to be left behind.)

Video Summarizing MIA

Here"s a short video clip explaining exactly how to use MIA:
Song by "Bad Bunny"MIA is additionally the title of a 2018 tune by Puerto Rican singer negative Bunny, featuring vocals indigenous Canadian rapper Drake. The song, inSpanish, to be a global hit:

Bad rabbit feat. Drake - Mia (Official Music Video)

Mathangi "Maya" ArulpragasamM.I.A. (with periods/full stops) is the phase name that Grammy and also Oscar-nominated Tamil/British rapper, singer, songwriter and also activist Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam. Check out she 2015 release "Borders:

M.I.A. - boundaries (Official Music Video)

Summary of key Points

First definition of MIA

"Missing In Action" is the many common an interpretation for MIA particularly on gaming forums, and also on Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook.MIA
Definition:Missing In Action"
Guessability:2: fairly easy to guess
Typical Users:Adults and also Teenagers

Second definition of MIA

MIA is the location of a song by bad Bunny & Drake.MIA
Definition:Song by negative Bunny & Drake
Guessability:2: rather easy come guess
Typical Users:Adults and also Teenagers

Third an interpretation of MIA

MIA is also the stage name of brothers artist Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam.MIA
Definition:Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam
3: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults and Teenagers

Image because that MIA

When I write MIA
, I typical this:
MIA an ext commonly way "Missing in Action."


An academic Look at MIA

When offered with the meaning "Missing In Action," MIA is classified as an initialism abbreviation, together it is pronounced utilizing its individual letter (i.e., "Emm Eye Ay"). It have the right to be supplied as either noun (i.e., a naming word) or an adjective (i.e., a relenten word). For example:Sinjin"s one MIA. (Noun.)Sinjin hawk is an MIA soldier. (Adjective.)
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