I’m do the efforts to find out spanish top top Duolingo and whenever I need to translate “My name is X” into spanish ns alway mix the two up and would favor to understand when every of them is used. It’s really discouraging cause that seams to it is in the just thing i’m having challenge with therefore far.

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For any type of practical purposes, there's no difference between the two. You deserve to use one of two people in any type of setting. Human being might try to include some kind of nuance (e.g. One sounds an ext formal than the other) however they're equivalent.

In terms of grammar, mi nombre es is merely stating what my surname is, if me llamo way "I speak to myself" or "I'm called". You can say yo me llamo x, however never yo mi nombre es x, because that instance.

Well "Me llamo..." is more common in every situation; and also "Mi nombre es..." is so rare to hear, you have the right to use that in officially situations, but using "Me llamo..." it's perfect fine.

and because that "Mi nombre es..." you can use it as soon as you're thinking around you, your life, or something an ext philosophical

They both essentially mean the very same thing, while the literal meaning translation because that me llamo is i am called and for mi nombre es is my name is, they deserve to be supplied interchangeably. When in English you practically never hear who say i am called ..., in Spanish the is rarely to hear who say mi nombre es ... . Me llamo is used way more often

in Spanish the is rare to hear someone say mi nombre es

I think it's more common in presentations and also formal stuff.

At least in Google Books, me llamo is more common. Ns usually urge on it with my students since it is their an initial reflexive verb.

From my expertise me llamo most directly translates to, “I to be called” and also Mi nombre is literally, “My name” I could be wrong though

The method I view it, the former is noun (nombre) based and also the latter is verb (llamar) based. In English both versions of the interpreted sentence need the verb "to be," however that's no the instance in Spanish. The is, "my name is Dave" or "I am called Dave."

They room the same.

Yo usage "me llamo" most of the time.

"Mi nombre es" is for presentations and also formal stuff.

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