The servants in the Capitol are special detainees who have been tortured and had your tongues cut out for this reason they can"t speak anymore. They are called Avoxes. Darius hasn"t been seen in district 12 because he do the efforts to prevent Thread from whipping Gale. When Katniss realizes Darius is their new Avox, she to know President Snow put him over there to unnerve her.

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That night, Katniss is bothered by nightmares around tongues, president Snow, and also the Games. After ~ barely sleeping through the night, she leaves her room and joins the others. Katniss sees that Haymitch is reluctantly attract a gold band v tiny flames ~ above his wrist, and also notes the Effie need to have acquired him to agree to she idea the the entirety team wearing corresponding jewelry.

Haymitch tells them during training the they need to make friends due to the fact that they need allies in the arena. Katniss says with him, telling him she doesn"t trust or like any type of of the other tributes. Haymitch points out that the various other tributes have actually known each various other for years and have solid bonds with everyone. Follow to Haymitch, having allies is the only chance they have to survive.

She ponders Haymitch"s instructions together she and also Peeta head under to the cultivate center. She spends many of the morning by herself, do knots and building fires. However soon realizes she"ll need to tell Haymitch she tried to do friends, therefore she walks end to the tributes from ar 3, Beetee and Wiress.

Katniss enjoys being approximately them and also tries come subtly question them about whether over there is an uprising in district 3, which she suspects. They confirm that there has actually been an uprising and are disappointed once she tells them nothing has happened in ar 12. They relocate to an additional station as they talk, and the two of them point out the force field that surrounds the Gamemakers" table.

Finnick introduce Katniss come the other tribute indigenous his district, an elderly and also frail woman called Mags. Katniss has actually a hard time expertise her when she talks however decides she desires Mags to ally v her, Wiress, Beetee, and Peeta. She spends time at the archery range, and after anyone sees her shoot, your mentors inquiry her as an ally.

The last day of training consists of the exclusive sessions v the Gamemakers. Throughout her session, Katniss makes a noose because that a dummy and also paints on that the name of "Seneca Crane," the vault Head Gamemaker.


Making Darius an Avox and placing the in Katniss" apartment is another tool the Capitol is utilizing to additional trap her into a life the fear, suffering, and also pain. Though she knows she will more than likely die in the arena, this demonstrates just how far the Capitol is willing to go to do the critical days of she life together painful and horrid as possible. The Capitol has already given their prisoner a death sentence, yet now they desire to torment her throughout her last days.

The motif that nightmares continues. She dream in this chapter is significant because it attributes flicking tongues. Tongues are provided to speak, make threats, lie, and also move crowds. The world of Panem have been spurred to the brink of rebellion since of the propaganda placed forth through the Capitol. Katniss is established to save Peeta due to the fact that she is all set to accept the fact that Snow"s hazards will be brought out. Nightmares proceed to weaken Katniss" physical and mental health, which will make her straightforward target in the arena.

When Beetee and also Wiress disclose the force ar to Katniss, they show that they trust Katniss enough to disclose something to her that can give she a competitive advantage in the arena. It is additionally noteworthy due to the fact that it more illustrates the component in which force fields, mockingjays, poison berries, andother muttations beat in shaping Panem"s attitudes toward the Capitol.

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In she training session, Katniss hangs a fake of Seneca Crane. Though the Gamemakers probably know he was eliminated after last year"s Games, that isn"t an alleged to be typical knowledge. Her training session is frightening to the Gamemakers since it reflects that she is no afraid to be bold. The berries and the dummy show that, if Katniss was standing to lose everything, she is not scared to stand as much as the Capitol.