I believe I ovulated this morning together I had the symptoms... Therefore me and also dh dtd! Anywho, later on I stood up and also NOT a autumn of fluid came out... I accused the of faking it and he swears he didn’t! I’m use to obtaining up and also feeling prefer a flood down there! We have been act the deed a lot... Is ovulating correlated to no leakage or is he simply low supply? and also if the is low supply, go sperm still carry out it’s task without sufficient seminal fluid? Just looking for a little of tranquility of mind and similar experiences!

my husband I think did this to me last month. I had never skilled nothing comes out and we had sex and also it to be dry. He swore that did but I know he didn’t. Even during the act when he supposedly to be it to be different.

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I"ve never had no leakage in ~ all, also if we.have to be doing the feeding a few days in a row. There will certainly be much less leakage yet not nothing in ~ all. I will likewise see several of his stuff the following morning as well

Also, precum consists of sperm so there is tho a opportunity his swimmers space there simply waiting for the egg!
"Further investigation revealed that themajorityof pre-ejaculate liquid had dead or no sperm in ~ all.It is possible for little amounts that sperm to departure your reproductive system and also make its means into the precum or pre-ejaculate.Can you gain pregnant with precum? The usual answer is no."

Wrong. My earliest brother was conceived ~ above precum. Can be sharing too much here however my mom was raped when she to be younger so once she to be 18 and had sex for the first time since my brothers dad went in and she freaked and pushed him out and also boom yes sir my big brother.


on days the I know I ovulate, I know a lot much less comes ago out (at the very least that’s the suffer I’ve had). I think it’s due to the fact that you’re productive so it’s helping whatever move inside you. The an initial time this taken place to me, I placed my finger inside and also I recognize semen has a distinctive odor and also I did a odor check. I understand it’s weird but I shown he did certainly ejaculate even though it might not have actually seemed choose it.

I evaluate everyone’s input! A pair of hours ago, i felt a bit come the end (sorry TMI!) and it showed up to be from this morning... I have never had this happen!!! so it’s a bit strange but I’m no going to overthink it prefer I’ve to be doing all day... Say thanks to you again ladies!

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