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heir, inheritor, heritornoun

a human being who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will certainly to inherit the estate of another

successor, heirnoun

a person who inherits some title or office

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Someone that inherits, or is designated to inherit, the residential or commercial property of another.

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Etymology: native heres, from eir, heir, indigenous heres (genitive heredis).


One that inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary location or office.

Etymology: indigenous heres, indigenous eir, heir, native heres (genitive heredis).


A follower in a role, representing continuity v the predecessor.

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Etymology: native heres, native eir, heir, native heres (genitive heredis).

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one who inherits, or is licensed has been granted to succeed to the possession of, any kind of property ~ the death of that owner; one on who the regulation bestows the title or residential or commercial property of another at the fatality of the latter



one who receives any endowment from an ancestor or relation; as, the succession of one"s reputation or virtues



to inherit; to success to


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ār, n. One that inherits anything after the fatality of the owner: one entitled to anything after ~ the existing possessor: a child, offspring:—fem. Heiress (ār′es).—v.t. Heir, to inherit.—ns. Heir′-appā′rent, the one by regulation acknowledged to be heir; Heir′-at-law, an heritage by legitimate right; Heir′dom, Heir′ship.—adj. Heir′less, without an heir.—ns. Heir′loom, any kind of piece the furniture or personal property i m sorry descends to the heir-at-law by one-of-a-kind custom; Heir′-presump′tive, one who will be heir if no nearer relative need to be born.—Heir by custom, one whose appropriate as heritage is determined by customary modes of descent, together gavelkind, &c.