In Spanish, guera and that masculine kind güero are informal adjectives that explain a blond human being or someone with light skin. If working as nouns, castle can also be provided as nicknames for white people. With this meaning, ‘güera’ and ‘güero’ space mostly used in Mexico.

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If you’re interested in learning Mexican Spanish, you need to know how to usage ‘güera’ and its plural and also masculine forms. So, in the complying with sections, I’ll define the contexts of this words and also I’ll carry out you real-life examples so you deserve to start consisting of it into your vocabulary.

Meaning that ‘güero’ and also ‘güera’ in Spanish

In mexico Spanish, words güera is generally used as a slang adjective to define either a woman v blonde hair or light skin. Güero is the masculine kind of this adjective and, as a result, you’ll usage it to describe men.

Additionally, these words are also used as nicknames to speak to blond people. Depending upon the context, ‘güero’ and ‘güera’ can be analyzed as:

‘Güero’ and ‘güera’ mean ‘blond’, ‘white’ or ‘pale’ if they are used to explain a human being with blond hair hair or irradiate skin.If they are used as nicknames or as a friendly way to call a white person, ‘güero’ and also ‘güera’ are close in an interpretation to ‘blondie’.

Keep in psychic that, although this words are really popular in mexico Spanish, castle are much more suitable because that informal contexts.

Güera & Güera: explicate a blond hair or white person

As an adjective, ‘güera’ is provided to explain a person that either has actually blond hair or irradiate skin. Even though this words are very popular to define white foreigners, we additionally use lock to explain Mexicans or Latin American human being that have actually light hair or skin. 

Notice that ‘güera’ is a feminine adjective, therefore for other subjects, you’ll need to use other develops that complement the gender and the number of who you describing. Additionally, the diminutive kind ‘güerito’ or ‘güerita’ are slightly an ext affectionate. 

Here are some examples of exactly how to use this word:

<‘Ser’ conjugated> + (adv) +

Mis primas son güeras y altas. My cousins are blond and tall. 

La bebé de mi cuñada está muy güera. My sister-in-law’s baby is very white

Cuando era niño, mi hermano era muy güerito. When he to be a kid, my brother was an extremely white. 

Since güero and güera are slang words to say ‘blond’, ‘pale’ or ‘white’, friend can also use these words to define someone’s hair or body parts. Check how you perform this.

+ (adv) +

Cindy tiene el cabello muy güero. Cindy has blond hair. 

Mis hermanas tienen las piernas muy güeras.My sister’s legs are an extremely pale. 

¿Te pintaste el cabello? Se te ve at sight güero.Did girlfriend dye her hair? that looks supervisor blond.

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Calling someone ‘güero’ or ‘güera’

In mexico Spanish, one of the most renowned uses that ‘güera’ and ‘güero’ is as nicknames for white or blond people. However, due to the fact that Mexicans have a dark feeling of humor, nothing be surprised if they usage these words together an affectionate means to contact a friend with really dark skin.

In this situation, these words could not have actually a straight translation and, even though in some cases, they can be closer to ‘blondie’ or ‘blond’, ‘güero’ or ‘güera’ room not derogatory terms. For example, mine family and also I contact my friend ‘güero’ and we’re much from trying to offend him