there is a rude woman the calls anyone Flaca once asking lock to carry out things together a sign paperwork, clean up the job-related area....etc ns looked the translate in of Flaca and also saw the it means thin/skinny, a compliment. It is hard to believe that v the tone of she voice and also the hatred in her eyes that she can possibly it is in complimenting any kind of one. Is this slang because that something bad?

Interesting that you speak she is a rude woman. That should assist with her answer concerning whether she means it to sound rude. :) - Findy, might 6, 2014

Some civilization use ¨gorda¨ the same means this person uses ¨flaca¨. It´s a means to speak to them without using a name.

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Coffee: Another way to say the is: "it's a means to humiliation them without using a negative name" - --Mariana--, OCT 19, 2011
The just minor "errors" i see room in regards to punctuation (It looks favor you space using the diaeresis fairly than the quotation marks and the duration should show up inside of the quotation marks.), but other than that whatever looks ok and also is perfectly - Izanoni1, OCT 19, 2011
...understandable. Stylistically, I more than likely would have actually used the word "address" quite than "call," however even so, I understood what friend meant. - Izanoni1, OCT 19, 2011
Marianne: I might be wrong, yet I don't think the she expected that it to be necessarily violation here. I have notification there is a tendency, sometimes, to call human being by specific attributes (gorda, flaca, etc) utilizing them much more like nicknames than derogitorily - Izanoni1, OCT 19, 2011

It probably depends mainly on the person"s will (not to point out her Spanish background). In some cases "flaca" deserve to be supplied affectionately between people who recognize each other well, but it might likewise be considered rude if the were meant to allude out another person"s physics "defects."

I imagine that it is probably relatively similar to the word "scrawny" i m sorry I have actually heard provided affectionately in part situations however which can likewise be used as one insult once it is offered to highlight an additional persons "deficiencies."

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:) - FELIZ77, might 7, 2014

First things first....don"t jump to conclusions.

The indigenous flaca has actually no poor connotations that I know of. If she phone call everyone the then ns wouldn"t worry around it. Gorda, gordo, flaco, flaca, negro, negra, all of these are regularly used as regards to endearment.

As several people have already pointed out, flaca, like any other word have the right to be a compliment or an insult, depending upon the context and also tone the voice in i m sorry it"s used.

Pay much more attention to her tone than words flaca. Any word can be offered as one insult, it"s the context and also tone the tells you as soon as you"re gift insulted.

In every honesty, I"d just ask her why she calls anyone flaca. And given that she offers the native flaca I have the right to only i think she"s hispanic.

Buena suerte.

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:) - ian-hill, might 6, 2014

It deserve to be a generic address form, favor "Honey".

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It means skinny and also can be an insult, just like fatty can. Over there is a television present called "El Gordo y La Flaca" through a heavy set guy and also a very pretty lady. I translate that title as "The Fatty and the Skinny" ns think if they supplied a different type of words there would be no question. For example, Gorda deserve to be insulting (Fat Woman) yet Gorditta means Plump rather than Fat. Yet I can be wrong.

I doubt the nasty woman was gift insulting by calling anyone skinny. Is she Fat herself? perhaps she is jealousy of young, slim girls if she is old and fat.

Of course the ton of voice and facial appearance also speaks and from what you claimed she is gift insulting.

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They present that TV program below too. :) - Findy, may 6, 2014

Hi and also welcome come the forum.

I assumption: v it can have a negative connotation follow to the R A E.

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I concur with rodneyp and I would favor to add that the is regardless of the truth the person might be stroked nerves to the max or simply the sweetest human in the world.

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