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To dream of a zombie represented automatic or blind thinking. A sign that you are too came to through what various other human being think or that you are not thinking for yourself. It may also reflect jealousy of not pleasing others. Desperately following others or trying to impush others. It may additionally reflect feelings about civilization who do not think for themselves.Zombies in dreams are a sign that you are not reasoning separately or objectively. It likewise argues that you are offering up your capability to make independent selections bereason a perkid or situation has you in a "trance." Someone or somepoint else is influencing your decision making. A zombie is a common symbol for someone experiencing strong peer push.Example instances that may conjure up a zombie dream may be sexual attractivity that drives you to do points for someone bereason you desire them to prefer you or taking inexplicable meacertain to impress someone whose opinion you really care about.Negatively, dreaming about zombies might reflect powerful feelings of jealousy that you are experiencing from other civilization that are desperate to pull you down. Blind unthinking jealousy. A are afraid of someone else"s must be socially acceptable or fit in interfering through your happiness. Conversely, zombies might reflect your feelings about civilization that are jealous of somepoint you have or will speak at nothing to acquire access to something great you have.To dream of running away from zombies represents your wish to protect against a perchild or situation that you feel is jealous of what you have. Avoiding an annoying folreduced. You might are afraid shedding what you need to someone else"s jealousy. You might also are afraid losing something distinct bereason someone jealous is despeprice to pull you down with them.To dream of your mom being infected by zombies might reexisting your feelings that negative luck or coincidences are constantly leading you to jealousy of others or fearing what other human being think. Feeling unable to escape peer pressure instances.To dream of killing or beating zombies may reflect waking life situations where you are confronting mindless or automatic reasoning. Overcoming or confronting peer pressure. Confronting human being you think are jealous of you in an unreasoning or ignorant manner.Alternatively, dreaming of a zombie might reflect your feelings around people in your life that are mentally ill or empty.Example: A guy dreamed of seeing a zombie. In waking life he was very insecure about things he sassist on an Web message forum to someone and also very closely spent many time deleting those comments fearing embarrassment that they would be review by someone. The zombie reflected his are afraid of what various other civilization believed that was driving him to prevent any type of embarrassment at all prices.Example 2: A young girl dreamed of zombies. In waking life she was grounded by paleas and also felt that they never cared around anypoint accept never before listening to her while making certain she withstood her full punishment. The zombies may have actually reflected her feelings about her parents being thoughtlessly urged to store her punished.Example 3: A young girl dreamed of zombies. In waking life she was very insecure around her social abilities and talking to civilization. She tfinished to go together with the crowd as a means to protect against having to reveal her weak social skills.Example 4: A young womale dreamed of a dead zombie being maintained alive. In waking life her she was trying to keep a irreversible relationship alive even though she felt it was dead. The dead zombie she was trying to keep alive may have reflected her tendency to carry out whatever her boyfriend told her bereason she was as well attracted to him.Example 5: A womale dreamed of seeing zombies and having actually to kill them through an axe which was ending up being heavy in her left hand.

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In waking life she was taking treatment of Alzheimer"s patients while trying to go to institution.Example 6: A womale dreamed of trying to escape zombies. In waking life she was jealous of never gaining to pay off her debts because of peer pressure at school to party a lot.

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