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I know it"s an idiom and also it has two and also three interpretations .But right here I heard this together " as soon as I feel down and out prior to the scene , I have actually two bananas and I feel good." so what is exact an interpretation here?



It"s a little bit of hyperbole or self-dramatization as supplied there. The speaker doesn"t mean he"s accurate "down and out" (destitute and suffering), however merely emotion flat, listless, doing not have energy.

It is quite usual for people to use language v heightened, intensified expressions come express quite simple conditions. Example:

A. How are girlfriend today? B. I"m simply dead. I remained up means too so late last night. I can do that sort of point in college, but now that I"m end 30 it just kills me.

Obviously B isn"t really dead, or the wouldn"t it is in talking. He"s simply being dramatic to bring home a point.

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1(of a person) there is no money, a job, or a place to live; destitute. ‘a novel around being down and out in London’

Synonyms 2(of a boxer) knocked down and unable to proceed fighting.

2.1 (of a competitor) facing certain defeat. ‘behind, away from home, and also down come 14 men, Kelso ought to have been down and also out, however Jeffrey rallied his men’

Out the money, there is no a home...

It can be referring to the second definition, a knockout in a boxing ring.

LINK This site states that the origin is indigenous the boxing ring. This additionally is what ns think.

In your sample, i think it is provided badly. I think the writer means that as soon as they feel tired and less 보다 happy and also healthy, the bananas space a great pick me up.

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In writing, we frequently see writers usage literary patent as a method of do the writing stand out or be more interesting. This sample, in my own opinion, fmmsanotherstage2019.com brief of the mark.

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