Disculpe, Perdón and Lo siento are the Spanish indigenous that we use as soon as we desire to to speak ‘sorry’, ‘pardon’ or ‘excuse me’. However, the truth that these phrases share the very same or similar translations doesn’t average that we usage them interchangeably. As is the instance with plenty of other Spanish words, lo siento, perdón and disculpe have some nuances in definition that do them unique and also applicable for details situations. Fun, right?

What’s the difference in between ‘disculpe’, ‘perdón’ and ‘lo siento’ in Spanish? Lo siento is the direct translation the ‘I’m sorry’.

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We use it to express regret or condolences. Disculpe and Perdón typical ‘excuse me’ or ‘pardon’. However, disculpe is much more formal. Perdón can additionally be provided to apologize.

As you have the right to see, this words aren’t precise synonyms because their meanings are slightly different. Making use of one instead of the other won’t prevent various other Spanish speaker from understanding you. However, the won’t help you sound natural and fluent in Spanish, and also it deserve to mislead civilization from your actual intentions.

For these reasons, in this write-up we’ll assist you recognize the difference between disculpe, perdón and lo siento. We’ll present you the specific situations where you need to apply each among these words and also we’ll administer you v real instances that you have the right to relate to. Through the finish of it, friend will never ever confuse perdón, lo siento and disculpe again.

What’s the difference in between disculpe, perdón and lo siento?

As pointed out before, ‘disculpe’, ‘perdón’ and ‘lo siento’ are different words the we usage in Spanish when we want to speak ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’. However, this Spanish expressions don’t have the same meaning or intentionally and, as a result, we usage them in different situations.

We use disculpe when we want to obtain someone’s fist or interrupt as soon as that human is in the middle of miscellaneous else. As a result, disculpe is translated as ‘excuse me’.

Disculpe, ¿qué precio tiene esta camisa?Excuse me, how much is this t-shirt?

Disculpe, ¿cómo llego al centro?Excuse me, exactly how do I gain to downtown?

Perdón is supplied as a means to apologize. However, we only use it for tiny apologies. In this context, ‘perdón’ method ‘sorry’.


When that comes around to lo siento there’s a large difference in between this word and ‘disculpe’ and ‘perdón’. Lo siento is the straight translation the I’m sorry and, unequal ‘perdón’ and ‘disculpe’, we only use that in very details contexts.

This Spanish expression is applied only in really formal instances or as soon as you’re yes, really sorry because that something girlfriend did. In fact, it’s an extremely common to use lo siento in funerals or as soon as someone is going v a stormy situation. You wouldn’t use perdón or disculpe in any of this contexts without sounding unnatural.

De verdad lo siento mucho, no era mi intención lastimarteI’m yes, really sorry, i didn’t median to ache you

Lo siento mucho, cuentas conmigo para lo que seaI’m very sorry, you deserve to count on me for every little thing you need

Although the key difference between ‘perdón’ and also ‘disculpe’ is their level of formality, when it involves lo siento you need to be more careful. Together we disputed before, this phrase is only supplied in really formal, unique circumstances and applying it into an incorrect case will do you sound unnatural (or more sorry than you actually are!).

Wrapping Up

In this short article we learned that even though disculpe, perdón and lo siento are various Spanish expression to say either excuse me or lo siento, we cannot use them in the same contexts or through the exact same intentions.

We questioned that both perdón and disculpe are offered to obtain someone’s fist and, together a result, they’re interpreted as ‘excuse me’. We learned the in this situation, disculpe is very formal and also polite, and also we usage it with elder people, vice versa, perdón is much more informal.Perdón can also mean ‘sorry’ or (I’m sorry’). In this case, Spanish speakers usage ‘perdón’ with little apologies.Lo siento is the direct translation of I’m sorry’. In Spanish, this expression is an extremely formal and also meaningful, as a result, we use it as soon as we’re really sorry for something us did or to express ours condolences.

Hopefully, now you feeling confident about these words and also you will be able to start using them right into your conversations properly.

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What’s the difference in between disculpe and con permiso? Both disculpe and con permiso are translated as ‘excuse me’. However, disculpe is supplied to get people’s fist whereas con permiso is only used when you’re on the street or in the middle of a crowd and you want to ask people to let you pass.