What"s the meaning of the mexico expression "me choca"?Is it used in any type of other regions?Examples:

Me choca que cuando estoy dormido suene el teléfono y me despierte.

Me choca tener que ir a misa todos los domingos.

Me choca que siempre me des la contra.

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Tú me chocas.

Eres una persona chocante.


Chocar literally method "to crash." for example, it"s provided to define an unanticipated meeting in between two automobiles. Colloquially, it means to clash or annoy. Someone acting obnoxious or confrontation is typically described (at the very least in Argentina, where I learned the language) as chocante. So:

Me choca que cuando estoy dormido suene el teléfono y me despierte.

It annoys me once I"m sleeping and also the call rings and also wakes me up.

Me choca tener que ir a misa todos los domingos.

Having to go to massive every Sunday bugs me.

Me choca que siempre me des la contra.

I don"t like exactly how you constantly contradict me.

Tú me chocas.

You bother me.

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According to the RAE, among the various other meanings, it has actually "causar extrañeza o enfado", which is the one pertained to your question.

I think in your situations it can be analyzed as follows:

Me choca que cuando estoy dormido suene el teléfono y me despierte.

It bothers me/it provides me angry/it annoys me that as soon as I"m sleeping, the call rings and also it wakes me up.

I"m not sure around where it"s much more used, however Wordreference.com states:

(Col, Méx, Ven fam) (irritar, molestar) (+ me/te/le etc) come annoy, an insect (colloq);

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