CC on a motorcycle.Two letters that make us squids brag around who has it bigger. Bike, of course.It’s what splits us from being scooter weaklings or macho riders. (Me gift somewhere in the middle!)
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Cubic CentimetersA standard measure of the volume the the engine. It’s concerned how plenty of muscles her bike has.

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Cylinder CapacityThe higher the capacity, the higher the air-fuel mixture intake. More CCs = more air and also fuel have the right to be burned.Makes sense, right?
Chinese CentimetersSay what now?For real, the Chinese have actually their measurement system. Like having metric and also imperial ones wasn’t enough…Here is the catch — most Chinese motorcycle brands construct bikes in their cubic centimeters. Your motorcycle sector is big enough to produce bikes v their “special” CCs. They’re practically giving the finger to the other two systems.But what perform you care? Bottom all, it must roll & roar.
mLThat one acquired me puzzled too. However that grudgy physics teacher the mine still teach me something.CC = mL. Period!So, once some fancy, show-off motorcycle octopus in flip-flops rather of ideal moto boots speak you he has actually 125mL super-sport, don’t obtain too impressed. He’s just a douchebag!
Now the we’ve spanned the basics, how do CCs influence your motorcycle performance?

5 Things They nothing Tell You about Motorcycle CC!

When us designed a 600CC Suzuki Boulevard, us asked ourselves one question:“How have the right to we make this look prefer it has actually a the majority of power?”

Quoted through an average Suzuki engine designerSo more CC = more power?NO!Know this: True indicators of power room horsepower and torque. Those two metrics have a REAL affect on how quickly your motorcycle can go from 0 come the following speed ticket.
Yes, CCs play a function in the equation. Over there are details mathematical measures in just how they room calculated (see video clip below). But it’s only a component of it.
CCs affect torque. (**Searching for the definition of torque in mine 8th-grade physics book**)But girlfriend CAN’T have actually horsepower there is no RPMs. It’s simple: horsepower = talk * RPMs. that’s why part motorcycles with greater numbers the CC’s nothing produce more horsepower.Whoever speak you in different ways doesn’t understand sh*t around motorcycle mechanics and physics!


(**Sudden image of Sumo-slammers appears in my mind**)I understand you might be bored v this fancy sciency stuff, however hear me out.This one is TOO essential to understand! So, let’s begin with one example:On one next you have actually a weighty 600 CC cruiser and on the other you have actually a featherly 600 CC super-sport. Very same CCs.Which one execute you think increases faster?Super-sport, of course!How?The load of the bike determines just how the bike will perform. With more weight, an ext power is needed to press that weight under the round. With much less weight, your bike is much more agile and an effective enough to beat those tight corners.
That’s why a super-sport v the same CC, will certainly vroom-vroom much faster than a cruiser.

Type the the Engine

2-stroke engines are an ext productive in developing power. Castle will develop 2x more power 보다 4-stroke ones. It is why KTM 250 and regular scooters can go nearly straight uphill. Almost!(**scooter & dirt-bike fans go wild**)But don’t get too excited.Yes, 2-strokes are much more powerful, however in terms of fuel efficiency and also CO2 footprint — They are like little dystopian Chinese lithium plants. Negative emissions go brrrrrrr.

Compression Ratio

Again through the ratios? I typical come on man! How tough is it to know a simple CC note on a bike?!
I know, ns know. This will certainly be the last one, ns promise.It’s all for girlfriend to become a an ext educated squid or at the very least a much better rider.Now, whereby were we?Ohh yes, compression ratios. It is the ratio between the volume that the cylinder once the cylinder is DOWN and the volume when the cylinder is every the means UP. The higher the compression ratio, the greater the horsepower!

It would be too vague come tell you the every CC is an excellent for a motorcycle. Hell, according to the lot of CC the entirety killing machine with 2 wheels is designed.But, us are absent the suggest here.The better question is: What is the ideal CC for YOU?!Are friend a beginner, a rider who desires to level-up his game or a pro looking for the challenge?Define who girlfriend are that those three and also what amount of riding skills you have.Don’t hear to the dudes top top the forums, saying:“Anyone that doesn’t begin with a 600CC is a wimp and a disappointment!”They are simply losers trying to push you into a fatality trap. Starting with a 600 CC would certainly only price you time trying to continue to be ALIVE on the meat grinder through wheels.It’s perfect fine to begin small, favor I did. 125 CC was a SUPERB selection for me! It’s no a disappointment riding a low CC together a beginner.It’s a disappointment not finding out the skill and also not having great gear.

Frequently request Questions ~ above What walk CC median Motorcycle

Does CC depend On CC?Hmm, I see you’re curious.The dumbest answer would certainly be come tell you the speed counts on the quantity of accelerator you squeeze. Obviously.But stop dig into the details.Speed is carefully related to acceleration. Remember that boring formula? (v = U + a*t)And wherein does the acceleration come from?Horsepower!Horsepower is make from?Torque x RPMs.Torque is make from?CCs.So you might say that CCs affect speed, yet the totality thing is dead-slow there is no RPMs.How is CC on a motorcycle calculated?Ughhh. Math. My immortal enemy!If you’re yes, really interested and want to find out this, scroll back to the 5 things they don’t tell you about CCs, and also check out the video clip below.
Is 150cc much better than 200cc?Just another day in the office, compare apples against oranges.Let’s imagine a perfect world, in which we space comparing single-cylinder 150 CC v 200 one.Which one takes me house like a bride top top the rear seat?200 CC, that course!But, we don’t live in a perfect world!What around “dual-inline” 150 CC VS one-cylinder 200 CC?(**Drum roll through intense music please**)Dual-inline 150CC!Remember the engine configuration part from above? Dual or V config constantly beats one-cylinder engines.

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