Curiosity about Nicki Minaj abandoning Twitter has apparently recorded on overseas, as the Young Money rapper broached the subject on a British speak show.

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“A voice in mine head told me to delete Twitter, and also that’s what i did,” described Nicki ~ above “The Graham Norton Show.”

When asked that her 11 million followers will follow now, Nicki replied, “I expect they’ll wait for me,” watch implying that she would return to the wildly renowned social networking platform.”I understand they will.”

Nicki likewise discussed she song, “Beez In The Trap.” “It simply means, ‘I am always…’ girlfriend know, that’s ours slang method of saying, ‘I beez law such-and-such-and-such.’ for this reason it’s really like, ‘I am constantly in the trap.’ Now, the trap, ladies and gentlemen, relates to everywhere where you get your money.”

Watch the interview below:


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