Athens and Sparta space two that the most notorious old Greek city-states. Transparent history, their reputation has been constructed on their many success and incredible advance for people of an ancient era. Back they were both a part of ancient Greece, they had stark social differences.

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Athens was considered to be cultured and also intellectual. It had actually a very solid navy, yet it to be so much more than armed forces might. Athenian society was built on democratic values. Lock valued education and learning greatly, so youngsters learned reading, writing, and math. This childhood education was really advanced because that its time. Athens was the leader of the Delian League. The Delian organization was produced in bespeak to conserve Greek self-reliance from Persian rule. Another important part of Athenian life to be its economy and also trade culture. Merchants and citizens traded goods at the “agora.” The agora was what we could imagine as a windy square. It was the hub that the city, wherein goods and also ideas were exchanged. The was below that Athenian culture grew and also flourished.



Sparta was less interested in aesthetics 보다 Athens, and more interested in military success. Sparta to be the leader of the Peloponnesian League. This is vital to know, since the Peloponnesian league was in ~ war with the Delian League during the 4th century BC. The Spartan military was very strong, and also is taken into consideration legendary to this day. The was an extremely advanced in terms of tactical movement and also organization. The Spartan federal government was an oligarchy. The culture was conquered by the worth of aggressive success. The course, there to be other job-related to be done besides going come war. Human being still needed to eat. Agricultural work was done through helots. Helots were basically serfs, own by the Spartan federal government for agricultural labor.

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Although Athens and Sparta had actually very huge differences in culture and values, there were some an easy similarities. First, they to be both Greek city states. Also though they it seems to be ~ to it is in opposites, castle both show various sides of Greek culture: beauty, intellectualism, militarism and also order. Finally, lock were in reality both on the same side in their unity against the Persians.