What go Amaya mean?


▲ together a girls" surname is the Basque and Japanese origin, and the definition of Amaya is "the end; night rain". Also a ar name for a mountain and a town in the Basque an ar of Spain.STARTS with Ama-

ASSOCIATED v night (black), rain (water), mountain



SEE also Amiya

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Amaca, .. (male) Amajan, .. Center NAME PAIRINGSAmaya Heavenly (A.H.), ..

How well-known is Amaya?

Amaya is one unusual first name because that females but a an extremely prominent last name for all human being (#1473 the end of 150436, peak 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Amaya entered the perform in 1997 and reached its optimal rank of #130 in the U.S. In the year 2018. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which variation is better?

Amaia (#768 IN 2018) and also Amiya (#803) space the popular varying forms of Amaya (#130) detailed in the top 2000. Fostering of these develops of Amaya was much more pronounced amongst parents in 2018 (MEDIAN #567). Amaya has historically to be popular amongst parents, although Amiya appears to be obtaining favor too.

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Similar Names

Amaya▲ is alike in pronunciation to Aimey, Aimy, Ama, Amee, Amey, Ami▼, Amia▲, Amiah, Amie▼, Amiee, Amiyah▲, Amma, Ammie, Amy▼, Amya▼, Amye, Ema, Emma, Emmy▲, Emmye, Ima▼, Oma▼ and also Uma. Other recommended sound-alike names are Aanya, Aenya, Agata, Ahava, Alaia▲, Alala, Alana▲, Alaya▲, Aliya, Alya, Amada, Amadea, Amahl, Amal▲, Amala, Amalia▲, Amaliya, Amalya, Amalyta, Amana, Amani▲, Amara▲, Amarra, Amata, Amera, Amica, Amilya, Amina▲, Amira▲, Amisa, Amyra, Anaka, Anaya▲, Anayas, Aniya, Anya, Ariya▲, Arya▲, Atara, Avana, Ayala, Ayana▲, Daya, Enaya, Fraya, Jaya, Kaya, Maya▲, Raya▲, Rhaya, Shaya and also Taya. These names often tend to be an ext commonly provided than Amaya.