Hello! i did really well my an initial unit, teach by a details teacher. This unit is teach by another and also the majority of my class is completely lost! once the teacher gives examples, it provides sense however when we"re left on our own, it"s extremely daunting to know where come start!

It will be the education DX r (what it"s related to), aeb (then the signs and symptoms)

Does anyone have any type of pointers to do this easier??

Thanks in advance!!


...Do they need to be NANDA? walk you have actually a book you necessary to purchase for treatment plans? her med-surg book should have some instances that include treatment plans so inspect those that would certainly correspond with the clinical & education diagnoses. What is the pt in the hosp for? The dr"s diagnosis that pneumonia would allude you to airway and breathing problems...

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Ie: impaired gas exchange r/t aeb

You fill in the blanks with what is walk on v this individual pt.

Here is one example:

Knowledge, deficient concerning condition, treatment, and also self-care R/T absence of info AEB patient"s comments about reason because that hospitalization.

Nursing DX ( indigenous the NANDA authorized list): understanding deficient

RT (why is the client deficient): absence of information

AEB (how execute I know the client meets the diagnosis) : patient"s comments

Here"s an additional one:

Skin/Tissue Integrity, impaired R/T operation procedure AEB presence of incision

Nursing DX: Skin/tissue integrity impaired

RT(why is the skin/tissue truth impaired): operation procedure

AEB (how execute I know the skin/tissue is impaired): visibility of incision

I would certainly recommend a great care arrangement book. Over there are numerous available. You carry out not should "create" these the end of thin air.

Hope that helps.



Sep 18, 2005

The orange dx publication put out by Ackley is an excellent because in the front that lists medical dx"s v their equivalent nursing dx"s/



specializes in Vents, Telemetry, house Care, residence infusion. Has 44 years experience.

Sep 19, 2005

ELK, thanks for the link. What a wonderful resource.

Bookmarking site and stickying thread.



specialization in Vents, Telemetry, home Care, residence infusion. Has actually 44 year experience.

Sep 19, 2005


New term for united state oldtimers-- guessing AEB short for "as displayed by"


chuckc, BSN, RN

Sep 19, 2005

Don"t know if this will certainly help, however I check out my treatment plans back to myself behind to check it, indigenous nursing interventions earlier to nurse dx, and also each should relate to one another and also make sense. Works for me. On the r/t I typically use s/sx and second to med dx. I use AEB top top my wanted pt outcome, the says how I will recognize it was reliable RE: Pt skin integrity will remain undamaged AEB no skin breakdown during shift. No a good example, however you obtain the picture. Expect this helps



Sep 19, 2005

I don"t recognize if this helps however we usage the PES format

Problem, Etiology, Sx

Example Problem, related to (cause), materialized by (signs and also symptoms). I agree with reading it ago to yourself backwards. The helps


cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

specialization in Cardiac.

Sep 19, 2005

We usage AMB-as manifested by..

I love that link. I never had difficulties with making care plans, but that website almost does it because that you!!! Awesome!


NewEnglandRN, RN

specializes in Med-Surg, Psych. Has 4 year experience.

Sep 20, 2005

Can anyone direct me to an online source of approved NANDA diagnoses? i understand new ones have been included for 2006.



Imafloat, BSN, RN

has actually 13 years experience.

Sep 20, 2005

We use PES format also. Problem R/T Etiology AEB Symptoms. This is a education diagnosis, no a medical one, for this reason don"t use clinical terms such together pneumonia, bronchitis, appendicitis etc... We were additionally told that it is preferred to have more than one R/T and also AEB.


RNinJune2007, RN

Sep 20, 2005

NRSKarenRN said:

New hatchet for united state oldtimers-- guessing AEB short for "as exhibited by"

our aeb=as evidenced by. Same distinction though


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