The Hebrew word because that Father is abdominal muscle (or AV). Contrary to well-known belief, the word ABBA does not present up almost everywhere in the Hebrew Old Testament, yet the word abdominal muscle is offered to explain Father.There is some dispute surrounding the word "Abba" and its origins. Many believe this was an Aramaic way to express a familiar title equivilent to "daddy," however, some evidence argues otherwise. The believed of Abba being an Aramaic means of speak "Daddy" to be the suggestion that a 20th century scholar, Jeremias, and also was intended come be just this–a suggestion.The new Testamentterm ABBA (αββα in the Greek brand-new Testament–always associated with "the Father") was believed to be "partnered" with the hatchet "pater" (father) to help the Greeks know that Abba supposed father, but it seems strangly out of place–especially in irradiate of the truth that in the English, Abba is transliterated, when pater is translated.

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Regardless of the raw evidence, modern Hebrew today offers the indigenous Abba as an intimate reference to dad (daddy or papa), so that is also feasible that oral heritage has lugged this under from aboriginal Hebrew speaker throughout the generations.

Let's look at the ancient Hebrew together it relates come Ab.In the typical Hebrew, dad is a word we all understand. If someone is the father, he has children. A dad is the head of a family.

We think the God together the dad of His people. That is a word the presupposes relationship that connect one person who is the head or chief human to other people by herbal birth; fostering of nationwide kinship.

First usage of Hebrew indigenous AB(Father) in Scriptures

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and also shall cleave unto his wife: and also they shall it is in one flesh. Genesis 2:24



Beyt Aleph

2 1


Pictorial an interpretation of AB(Father)



Strong Leader – an initial – God the Father


Beyt –Tent/ House

House – time – child – family members – kid of God

Pictorial translate in of AB(Father)

The Ideal


Strong Leader


God the Father






Son of God

Aleph is the an initial letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and also the literal photo is the of an OX. The definition would have been clear to the old Hebrew; as the Ox was the price of both strength and also leadership. The Ox leader the cows and also calves in the herd to for sure pastures and protects them indigenous predators.

Beyt is the 2nd letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. The picture is accurate of a house or tent.

Put the 2 letters together and you have actually the solid Leader and also Protector that the house or Household.



Beyt Aleph

2 1


Numeric meaning of AB(Father)


Diety – unity – Sufficiency – self-reliance -The very first Indivisible –God the Father


Difference – great or angry – division – life Word – 2nd –To Come together for help – God the Son

Numeric translate in of AB(Father)

Theological and also Prophetic

1 Aleph




The an initial Indivisible

God the Father

2 Beyt


Good or evil


Living native


To Come together for help

God the Son

Important Revelation about AB

Because in Hebrew the letter are additionally numbers the an initial question we need to ask is what number is ABor Aleph Beyt?

If Aleph is 1 and Beyt is 2, room we looking at the number 12?The answer is NO.

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The Hebrew technique of number would include the value of the number together. So in Hebrew the Number 1 (Aleph) and also the Number 2 (Beyt) is the sum of both numbers. 1+2=3

Ab together a number is the NUMBER THREE!

The house of the Father has actually a third resident which renders the household complete and perfect.And who is the person?

1 – God The Father


2 –God the Son



– God the divine Spirit

The primary photo of Gimel the letter (also the number 3) is come Lift up or benefit – What a photo of the divine Spirit!