Ok so ns was wonder what 8va over the treble clef means and 8va below the base clef means? very same with 15ma. Ns assuming 8va over the treble method an octave over and 8va below the bass means an octave below. And then same with 15ma just 2 octaves instead. I simply wanted to be sure?


Octave clefs do not transpose the notes. Review my top level comment.

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Edit: some confusion in this thread around if we’re discussing octave clefs or octave lines. My original comment has clarification.

Two comment in this object from various people, and both the you room saying vb and also mb rather of va and ma. Is this a point elsewhere?

Regardless of position in relation to the staff, 8va (ottava alta) method that the key is played an octave higher than the is composed on the staff. Likewise, 15ma (quindicesima alta) always method that the key is two octaves up, or quadruple the wavelength the the keep in mind that is written.

If a composer desires to signify that a pitch need to be lowered, they will certainly usually note an 8vb (ottava bassa) for one octave or 15mb (quindicesima bassa) for two octaves.

Octave clefs do not transpose the notes of the employee by one octave. This is a an extremely common misconception. From Elaine Gould’s book on music engraving, pg. 32, Behind Bars:

Do not use these clefs to replace actual octave transpositions. The clefs often tend to go unnoticed, as the player is unaccustomed to reading them.

These clefs only serve together a reminder that the tool transposes by octave. It’s most generally found top top tenor parts from one SATB choir. They might be discovered in full scores on tools such as piccolo or dual bass to suggest the instrument transposes by octave.

Edit for clarify: octave currently do transpose. Octave clefs do not transpose.

Behind Bars pg. 28 Behind Bars pg. 32

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The lines (8va-----¬/15ma-----¬) do transpose notes, and should be provided in piano (maybe violin) music however never wind music together their fingerings aren't constantly consistent in between octaves.

As you insist, a solitary 8 attached come the height or bottom the the treble or bass clef is for show only and also does not transpose notes - indeed, Sibelius software will refuse come transpose notes prefer this in its playback.

However, ns think OP to be referring come the lines, since they wrote about 8va (and 15ma) quite than simply 8.

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