The water should be at room temperature Cut open packet #1 “Water Purifier”, pour the entire contents into the water and stir.

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Then stand the container safely away from direct sunlight, excess heat or cold for one day.

After waiting 24 hours or longer , open packet #2 “Instant Live Eggs”. Add the contents to water and stir for one minute.


Keep the aquarium in shaded, but not dark area, away from direct sunlight.



CHECK THE WATER LEVEL: Eventually, some water will evaporate. When down by 1.5 inches, add fresh water to within 1/2″ from the top.

Follow the directions that come with themDon’t overfeed them; once every 7 to 10 days is fineUse Distilled water or Bottled water to start and top up levelsKeep the water in your aquarium at the same level

Emergency Care Instructions

1. Did you look very closely?

2. Did you wait the full 24 hours before adding Packet No. 2?

They will NOT hatch ON TIME if you fail to WAIT LONG ENOUGH for the water, purified with Packet No. 1, to CURE. After you have added Water Purifier, you must not put in Packet No. 2 until AT LEAST 24 to 36 HOURS have passed. This gives the Water Purifier chemicals the time needed to eliminate toxic elements and prepare the INSTANT “reactor” catalyst that makes the appear to hatch ON CONTACT with the water. If you added Packet No. 2 TOO SOON, set the container aside for ONE DAY. You will have your on the SECOND DAY.

3. Did you accidentally add Packets No. 1 and No. 2 at the same time?

4. Did you use the correct amount of water?

Too little water:

If YOU used too LITTLE water, simply add MORE to arrive at the RIGHT AMOUNT (12 ounces).

Too much water:

If you OVER DID IT and added TOO MUCH water, let the container STAND until it has EVAPORATED to the proper amount. DO NOT DRAIN OFF excess water. The QUANTITY of formula provided in the two Packets, No. 1 and No. 2 is the amount of chemicals needed for 12 ounces. Too much water DILUTES the formula. Too little water CONDENSES it.

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Note: All styles of the Micro-Vue Ocean-Zoo hold just the right amount of water when filled to the top of the highest magnification lens on the Ocean-Zoo’s outer wall.

5. Is the room temperature correct?