Thousands of human being are relocating to Seattle every year, do it one of the top five fastest-growing cities in the unified States. And also with all the the city needs to offer, it’s no wonder that so many people want to start living in Seattle. Whether you’re looking for a growing tech scene, a dynamic community culture, highly-rated universities, or prospering farmers’ markets, you’ll find all this and an ext in Seattle WA.

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Continue reading to learn 30 things you must know prior to living in Seattle.


Living in Seattle, Washington: 30 points To recognize In 2021

Seattle is a special type of city. V its often typically overcast skies, grungy atmosphere, and also emphasis on good food and third-wave coffee shops, there’s small to dislike about the Emerald City.

Since you’re thinking of relocating to Seattle, you worthy a realistic picture of what living in Seattle is actually prefer — spoiler alert, us love that here, and think you will too!

Continue reading to learn much more about the height 30 things that you need to know around Seattle before making your relocation decision or get in touch with On The Go moving to speak with a skilled moving agency and begin planning her move.


1. It doesn’t Rain As much in Seattle as You’ve Heard

To start off, let’s obtain the huge Seattle rain myth the end of the way.

While you could move here expecting never-ending days of rain, what you’ll quickly see is the living in Seattle comes v over 150 days of sunshine and only 92 days of precipitation. If this tho sounds choose a many rain, you’ll be surprised to discover that Chicago, Boston, Houston, and brand-new York City all obtain far an ext rain 보다 the jet city.

Another perk that Seattle’s weather is that in spite of the rain, you most likely won’t need an umbrella. The rain here falls as an ext of a light sprinkle, because of the tiny size the the raindrops, do umbrellas optional (unless you a local, that take proud in no relying top top umbrellas).

So if you’re planning on relocating to Seattle you deserve to forgo packing her umbrella — a simple, light rain jacket will do the trick.


Sunsets in the Pacific s at Ruby beach in Washington State

2. The Summers are Glorious

If friend like heat summer days, low humidity, and also incredible views, relocating to Seattle will certainly be among the ideal decisions you could ever make. With the typical summer temperature resting right in ~ 75 degrees and with some of the lowest humidity in the U.S., summer work in Seattle are perfect for any kind the outdoor sports or activity.

One the the many benefits of living in Seattle is how countless things there room to do throughout the summer! If you like hiking, there are numerous trails within an hour’s drive of the city. If you like water sports, you have the right to go kayaking, water skiing, or parasailing around the Puget Sound. Or, if you are into festivals, there room dozens the art, music, and food festivals roughly the city.


The Amazon Seattle Spheres

3. Seattle has Abundant environment-friendly Spaces

Seattleites favor spending time the end of doors enjoy it the gentle temperatures and basking in nature.

If you space planning a move to Seattle, Washington in the close to future and want to gain a taste of the lovely parks and green spaces that dot the city, make certain you visit this eight parks when you get the chance:

4. Seattleites Love their Dogs

If girlfriend are relocating to Seattle through a furry household member or 2 you will feel right at house in the northwest, together Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly towns you can move to. It seems that no Seattle house is finish without a dog or two.

This gives new Seattle occupants something to bond with their neighbors over and a many of avenues to make new friends.

From Seattle facility to Ballard or any type of other neighborhood

Amazon is famous for the pet-friendly policy which enables dog parental to lug their hair babies to work at the this firm headquarters campus every solitary day. According to Amazon’s around page, on any kind of given job the headquarters may have actually up to 7,000 dogs on the premises.

This is just a tiny reflection of exactly how pet-friendly Seattle important is.

If you space looking to adopt a furry finest friend, start here.


5. Seattle among The Nation’s tech Capitals

Seattle has actually recently taken second place ~ above the perform of the nation’s best tech cities, surpassed only by mountain Fran, and also each year finds much more and an ext tech companies making Seattle your home.

While Seattle’s own tech giants (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft, and also Boeing) currently employ end 160,000 Seattleites, recent enhancements to the an ar are companies favor Google, Adobe, Dropbox, Apple, Facebook, and also Snapchat.

Seattle is full of methods within the technology world, for this reason if you’re passionate about technology, relocating to Seattle might prove to it is in the ideal career decision possible.


6. Seattle is residence to Amazon

Being residence to the headquarters the Amazon, don’t be surprised at how frequently you’ll meet world who work-related for this company in Seattle. The Amazon walk stores and also the Spheres space reminders the Amazon’s existence in the city.

Amazon walk is a chain of convenience stores about Seattle where you deserve to buy food and also other items without having actually to wait in line. This stores are mostly automated (they operate primarily without human being staff) and are where busy Seattleites deserve to purchase convenient items on the go.

7. It’s Still one of The Fastest cultivation Cities In The U.S.

Don’t worry around being the only brand-new guy in the room when you move here — too many of people are relocating to Seattle. The city to be ranked through Forbes and also The Seattle Times together the second fastest-growing city in the U.S. In 2018.

The expansion finally slowed a tad in 2019, but still, a visible authorize of this expansion are the dozens of tower cranes spread out throughout the Seattle skyline, earning the city the nickname “The Crane resources of the U.S.”

If yes sir one an essential message that can be found throughout this article, it’s: “move here prior to the price of life skyrockets also more!”


8. Seattle’s expense of life isn’t as High together Other significant Cities

Seattle is through no means cheap, but the price of life still reduced than in new York City, mountain Francisco, and also LA. For this reason while the is quiet expensive, it could be so much worse.

Cost of living is a big factor to think about if you planning come live in a house or apartment in the U-District and also attend the university of Washington as Downtown Seattle often tends to be more expensive than some surrounding areas. Nevertheless, you still can discover affordable housing approximately the suburbs of the city if you’re cursed to the search.

If you want to understand what it’s like living in Seattle neighborhoods, then check out few of the local neighborhood guides on our blog. We have posts introducing downtown Seattle,Ballard,Capitol Hill, orWest Seattle, and more!

9. Prepare For negative Traffic

One fence to the huge growth in populace is that Seattle’s aging infrastructure hasn’t caught up through the populace boom. So once packing because that the following season of life, make certain to gain your audiobooks ready, due to the fact that traffic in Seattle is 7th worst in the country.

Construction of the Sound Transit link light rail device started in 2003 and the development of it continues today, but in the meantime, most world still commute via automobile versus public transportation, which reasons long drives residence for day-to-day commuters living in Seattle.


The famous Seattle Monorail In The Seattle Center

10. Seattle has Public Transportation

Moving to Seattle Washington and currently dreading the awful traffic? The good news is, Seattle does have actually public transit (read more here about public transport options) that permits residents come skip out on control if lock want.

While the link light rail and also Seattle Streetcars don’t make anywhere accessible, it renders the city controlled without a car. The light rail is a an extremely convenient and affordable way to get roughly Downtown Seattle.

11. Seattle’s Food scene is Diverse

Seattle has a nice diverse populace of residents. One of the numerous perks that this is that the city has a an extremely diverse cook scene.

You will certainly never absence delicious dim sum, creamy boba tea, savory curry, and authentic street taco for as long as you’re living in Seattle. Inhabitants that have lived in the area because that a long time have the right to still find new places to eat as result of the plentiful (and growing) number of restaurants.

While you’re out, make sure that you try some locally captured seafood to christen your relocation come Seattle.

If you are looking for a savory adventure, publication a tourism or stimulate a food basket today.


12. Seattle is America’s best Coffee Town

For coffee drinkers, living in Seattle is favor being a child in a liquid store. Whether it’s tasting coffee background at the an initial Starbucks next to Pike Place sector or enjoying a handcrafted brew at among the city’s countless artisan roasting rooms, Seattle’s huge coffee culture has something for everyone.

Seattle has the nation’s largest variety of coffee manufacturers every capita, and also for good reason, together Seattleites consume an ext coffee than any type of other U.S. City.

Seattle likewise has some of the country’s most affordable coffee, tied v San Diego, san Francisco, and Portland because that the most affordable and highest-rated coffee shops in the nation.

Each the Seattle’s neighborhoods has its very own specialty coffee shops.

If you in Pioneer Square, make certain to protect against by Slate Coffee Roasters for few of the ideal Kenyan roasts you’ve ever had. Or if she in Fremont, visit Milstead & Co. For a update cold brew made by several of the highest-rated baristas in the city.


13. Seattleites are wellness Conscious

Seattle is a very progressive city in terms of health and wellness consciousness. You won’t hear world complaining about eating your greens however rather excitedly discussing that they setup on having a salad because that lunch.

Because wellness is a large priority, local farmer’s markets and also health food stores have the right to be discovered in abundance anywhere Seattle. Grocery stores such overall Foods Markets, Sprouts farmers Markets, and also PCC community Markets room not tough to uncover throughout the city, making accessibility to healthy foods more convenient than ever before for human being living in Seattle.


14. Seattleites Love your Beer

For many Seattleites, it’s coffee in the morning and also then beer in the evening. And also with the wide range of taprooms and also breweries scattered throughout the city, you have a lot of options for her after-work drink.

From Capitol Hill to West Seattle, every neighborhood has its re-publishing of breweries.

Want part suggestions?

If she passing v Fremont, avoid by Brouwer’s Café through its sixty-four taps and also 300-bottle list.

Or if you’re gaining off work in Queen Anne, make certain to visit holy Mountain unavoidable for hoppy pale ales and also innovative new beers. Be ready for a crowd, as holy Mountain impending is among the most popular breweries in the city.


You can tell this human is not from Seattle due to the fact that they have actually an umbrella

15. The “Seattle Freeze” is Real

Maybe the the weather or maybe it’s simply the fast pace that life. Whatever the case, people who move to Seattle often case that inhabitants aren’t very friendly. Together Seattle is a very busy city this is most likely just due to Seattleites having actually rigorous skilled lives.

However, once you fulfill Seattleites in their organic habitats or “tribes” (a concert, rock climbing gym, a handmade beer brewery) you’ll find that the Seattle freeze quickly melts away. Seattleites are fairly warm and happy to rest the ice cream — just don’t talk to united state on the street!

If you desire to make a community fast in Seattle, try joining among the plenty of meetups the Seattleits attend on There space meetups because that every type of hobby and interest consisting of sustainable living, language learning, meditation, and also more.

16. Seattle is Diverse

To provide you part encouragement to counter the last point, countless diverse communities call Seattle home. This is especially obvious at the university of Washington.

While meeting human being initially once you relocate to Seattle might be difficult, you require to know that when Seattleites clock out of work and turn to your hobbies, it deserve to be straightforward to uncover your tribe. Everything your interests, background, or passions friend will find a neighborhood in Seattle that are also passionate around it.


17. The A City constructed On Hills

Seattle is surrounding on every sides by mountains, for this reason while it might be a difficulty when biking to occupational in downtown Seattle, it only seems appropriate that the town itself is developed on hills. Seattle has a dynamic feel as result of the hills quite than a flat geographic feeling such as new York City.

The hills here are no as in-your-face as in various other cities, favor San Francisco, rather, the hills the Seattle seem come meander here and there approximately the city, regularly hidden behind the many structures until they spring themselves on unsuspecting newcomers.

If you journey a manual automobile some check out the hills as an annoyance, however for the hundreds of avid joggers and also bicyclists in the city, taking on the hills is just component of the morning routine. Girlfriend can additionally catch a beautiful view of mountain Rainier when you are out.

Read an ext about the 7 Hills the Seattle.

18. Seattle is A City committed To The Arts

Before the shift to tech, Seattle was most well known for its contribute to the performing arts and also popular music.

Beyond gift the birthplace the grunge rock, the city is additionally home to among the world’s many recorded orchestras, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, as well as the identified Pacific Northwest Ballet, and also the Seattle Opera.

As for well-known music, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Kenny G all acquired their start in Seattle. The city is likewise known because that its jazz clubs such as Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley.

If you’re considering the Seattle area and also are in the mood for music or art, you’ll have the ability to choose between an ext than 140 theatre companies, end 100 arts galleries, and also the beautiful Benaroya Hall whereby the Seattle Symphony performs.


19. The Emerald City has actually a substantial Music Scene

Famously well-known for artists choose Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and also Alice in Chains, the Seattle music scene is grungy as well as varied. There room music venues that have been hosting events due to the fact that the 80s and also 90s that space still in organization today.

Check out a display at the Crocodile, Neumos, or Substation for a taste that Seattle’s vibrant music scene.

20. Seattleites space Politically Active

While Portland may make an ext headlines for its marches, Seattle is an equally politically energetic town.

Seattle is passionate about politics and the residents display this with hosting marches, rallies, and also other displays of political activism.

If you room relocating in the close to future and also are favor investing yourself in politics, living in Seattle will carry out you with an ext opportunities to become involved and make her voice heard.



Kayaking at Lake Union in Seattle, WA

21. Seattleites Love The Water

While most cities stick to water sports, Seattle bring away its love of the sea to a whole brand-new level with its landmark houseboats.The city is second only come Asia in the variety of houseboats it contains, and for many Seattleites, the numerous houseboats floating on Lake Union room as much of a landmark as is the an are Needle.

The city isbuilt aroundthe body of water called the Puget Sound (it’s why words “sound” is everywhere), i beg your pardon you have the right to seehere. Seattleites live in the water through renting kayaks or paddleboards and also paddling down previous West suggest Lighthouse, or by taking a drive on among the city’s famousRide The ducks tourfor an interesting tour ~ above a bus which then drives into Lake Union and also becomes a boat!

You can say Seattleites also take that too much by driving on the water over theworld’s longest floating bridgeover Lake Washington!

22. Seattle has No Shortage of Activities

Seattle is pack with tasks for singles, couples, families, and friends. Even if it is it’s experimenting Seattle Center and also riding increase the room Needle or visiting one of our world-class museums, Seattle living offers something because that everyone!

Want to gain out the the downtown and neighborhoods? Don’t worry, nature is just a quick commute away.

Love hiking? What about kayaking? Or possibly you enjoy fishing or absent climbing. Every little thing your hobbies are, Seattle has tasks to match and a team of world who are all set to do it through you.

If she feeling specifically adventurous, countless Seattleites will get decked out in their REI gear and also join a local overview for a weekend come summit the tallest top in Washington: mountain Rainier.

This beautiful state offers wealth of outdoor tasks for every form of nature enthusiast.

Or, if you no an the end enthusiast or you just feel favor spending the weekend indoors, take it a couple of hrs to explore Pioneer Square and also do some shopping!


23. Seattle Has an excellent Day Trips

One unique element of life in the Queen City the the Pacific Northwest is you room in an ideal spot for countless day trips.

Portland is less than three hrs away,Leavenworthis a two and a half-hour drive, and the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and Washington rainforest a four-hour drive/ferry drive away. On optimal of that, if you’re feeling international, Vancouver, Canada is under three hours away by car (depending on the border crossing wait time).

24. The Emerald City Goes come Bed Early

Seattle is famously well-known for shutting under early, for this reason if girlfriend are trying to find a city that is bustling well right into the wee morning hours, Seattle can not it is in the city that you should relocate to.

If you walk out previous seven on a weeknight you will certainly be hard-pressed to find an open establishment relying on where in the city friend are. That being said, Seattle does have actually some nightlife, yet it is greatly geared in the direction of live musicians versus DJs.

That’s why Seattleites love your summer concert or festivals such together Paradiso or Bumbershoot (when they certainly don’t go to bed early).


25. Seattle Is because that Wine Enthusiasts

Seattle isn’t much from Woodinville or Walla Walla, two locations of Washington that are well-known for their vineyards and top-notch wine production. Therefore naturally, several of the enthusiasm because that wine pour out over and also has discovered its way into Seattle culture.

If girlfriend are in search of a cozy ar to tantalize your taste buds and also feed your affinity because that the vine, right here are seven of Seattle’s ideal wine bars.

purple Cafe and Wine Bar The Tasting Room Bottlehouse Le Caviste Poco wine + spirits Locol Barley & Vine Vif alcohol

26. Seattle Is Environmentally Aware

Another point you must know before moving to Seattle is the this town is really eco-conscious. You room no longer able to obtain plastic bags in ~ the grocery save so friend should constantly bring a recycle tote or be prepared to pay because that a record bag when you go grocery shopping.

Seattle’s environmental-consciousness is reflected through the city’s emphasis on essential products, restricted product packaging, and also bulk food stores.


27. Seattle Is student Friendly

Seattle is known for gift a an excellent place come learn. Whether you’re a parent and are looking for an excellent K-12 schools or you’re a student, Seattle has the schools, colleges, and also universities come reflect the city’s passion for education.

According to a united state News & people Report, Washington State ranks fourth in the country for education, scoring a 2 for higher education and a 19 for pre-K v 12th grade.

Three the the most influential universities in Seattle are:

college of Washington (UW) Seattle Pacific university (SPU) Washington State university (WSU)


28. Seattle’s Job industry Is Exploding

Thanks to the numerous Fortune 500 service providers that have made your headquarters in Seattle, the jobs market is booming!

So if you room hoping to obtain into tech, aerospace, engineering, or travel, then Seattle is the location to be.

Some that the providers that room headquartered in The better Seattle Area include:

Amazon Microsoft Expedia team Costco Alaska airlines Nordstrom PCC herbal Markets Zulily PayScale Redfin Starbucks REI T-Mobile

Besides the booming regional economy, Seattle is additionally a good place because that start-ups. V the development that numerous Seattleites are always surrounded by, new businesses space constantly being born.

29. Residence Prices space High in the Emerald City

Unfortunately, the rapid city and also economic growth that Seattle is experiencing don’t come there is no a few downsides — one of the most significant being the high cost of housing.

In the united States, the national mean house cost is roughly $284,600. This is almost $200,000 listed below the typical home price in Washington State ($470,304) and a third of the cost of to buy a residence in Seattle, i m sorry averaged around $778,500 in 2020.

While Seattle may not it is in in the top 5 or 10 most expensive us cities to live in (yet), rise housing costs are apt to acquire Seattle on the list soon.


30. Many Seattleites believe in BigFoot

Washington State is the claimed home come the legend Bigfoot. If you room relocating to Pacific Northwest this year, simply know that you will most likely meet an ext than a handful of Seattleites who believe that Sasquatch is the end there.

If you yourself are not a believer in Bigfoot, you should tread lightly once the object is addressed once you very first move to Seattle together you never understand who is an avid believer.

Making the move to Seattle

So have to you move to Seattle? If you love the outdoors, coffee, art, mountains, and music, then you will love living in Seattle, andmay agree with US News and also World Report that Washington is the #1 state to relocate to.

If, however, you can’t was standing overcast weather and also passionately loathe traffic, then you could be far better off finding a various city to move to.

If did you do it made the decision to relocate come Seattle, we here at ~ above the Go moving & Storage would love to sell our assistance. V over a decade of experience and local knowledge, us can assist you have actually the easiest relocate of your life. Our moving specialists can help you with every little thing from storage, come packing, come transportation.

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Contact us this particular day to learn an ext about our moving services in Seattle or to book our reputable team of moving professionals.

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