As women, we recognize how crucial it is to take care of our vaginas. Yet it"s time you proved your booty part love, too. That"s why us asked some optimal butt doctors—a.k.a colon and also rectal surgeons (the hatchet proctologist isn"t provided anymore!)—what you need to know about your behind.

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"We specialize in conditions of the colon, rectum, and also anus," claims Alexis Grucela, M.D., colorectal surgeon and also assistant professor of surgery at NYU Langone clinical Center. "This can variety from treating malignant problems like colon and rectal cancer, come colitis and also Crohn’s disease, to benign anal conditions like hemorrhoids. And yes…we love the poop emoji."(Heal your totality body withRodale"s 12-day power plan for much better health.)

So what perform these dedicated physicians desire you come know about your butt? Here"s what castle said.

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1. Don’t Wax her Butt


"Fiber plays a huge duty in colon health—it bulks your stool by binding water, avoiding issues like hemorrhoids and diverticulitis . Females under 50 must aim for 25 grams day-to-day through foods like entirety grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, and also nuts and seeds."—Amy Lightner, M.D., an assistant professor of surgical procedure at the mei Clinic university of Medicine

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"Everybody’s backside looks and also is different. It’s also normal because that women, particularly after having actually children, to have actually skin tags, hemorrhoids, and also swollen tissues that might remain puffy that possibly your girlfriend don’t have. Everyone goes through life and also pregnancy differently—there’s not a "normal." It’s about what’s common for every individual person. The said, if you’re concerned around a readjust in how something looks, please tell me."Ashburn

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"You can gain cancer in areas that never see the sun. Be sure to acquire checked because that melanoma—a type of skin cancer—in your anal area, also though it"s not exposed to sunlight."—Ky

"Pain and also bleeding are common complaints native patients. Bleeding can be because that a many of different reasons. Sometimes, it’s something straightforward like hemorrhoids. But any kind of abnormalities favor blood in the stool or pain are generally signs you must be evaluated."—Bipan Chand, M.D., the gastrointestinal-minimally invasive surgical procedure director in ~ Loyola University clinical Center

"Preventative procedures matter. Just like a Pap smear looks for abnormalities in the cervix, a colonoscopy looks for abnormalities in the colon and also rectum. In general, most human being should have actually a colonoscopy at period 50. If you have any far-reaching personal or family history of colon cancer, that period may it is in earlier."—Chand

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"Don’t ignore changes in bowel habits due to the fact that of embarrassment. The human being who say ‘I would certainly die that embarrassment’ can actually execute so." —Randolph Steinhagen, M.D., the chef of colon and rectal surgical treatment at the Icahn institution of medicine at mount Sinai

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