Madagascar is well known for the diversity it provides when it comes to presenting a totality lot of lip-smacking dishes. Rice, your staple food, dominates most of their meals. However, a variety of vegetables, and also seafood and also meat, likewise dominate their priority list. Most of their foods are regularly flavored with sauces of onion, tomato, garlic, and ginger to give it a spicy taste. Permit us check out the list of top Madagascar cuisines.

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1. Romazava – A timeless Meat Stew v Leafy Greens


What is it: Madagascar’s nationwide dish, consisting of of a meat stew (pork, chicken, or beef) teamed with green vegetables, onions, and selection of spices. World eat Romazava for lunch and also dinner and serve with or end rice.

What does it taste like: Spicy and also peppery, because of the addition of mustard greens, watercress, ginger, and also chilies.

2. Lasary – A typical Vegetarian Dish


What is it: A tasty vegetables dish comprising of carrots, environment-friendly beans, cabbage, and also onions, seasoned through a soft amount of vinaigrette. However, in the cities, the definition of lasary is different, indicating a condiment that pickled lemons and also mangoes.

What does it taste like: The addition of vinaigrette offers this nutritious dish a tart taste.

3. Foza sy hena-kisoa – A renowned Seafood plate of Madagascar


What is it: An incredible fusion of stir-fried pork, crab, and also lobster, further seasoned v ginger and also lime juice. Like most other Malagasy cuisines, most team this dish through rice.

What does the taste like: The presence of lobster and crab offers it a chewy and soft texture, respectively, if lime and also ginger add to its sweet and also spicy flavor.

4. Mofo gasy – A popular Breakfast Food of Madagascar


What is it: likewise known together Malagasy bread, the is a pancake ready by deep-frying a dough made of flour, water, yeast, sugar, and cream of rice. Maple syrup, juice, and fruits serve as accompaniments.

What does the taste like: Mildly sweet, crispy from outside and chewy within.

5. Malagasy style Fried Rice – Madagascar’s clip Food


What is it: A unique combination made by frying rice, their staple food, along with a entirety lot the vegetables favor carrots, capsicum, sweet corn, bok choy, and also spring onions. Slices the meat, eggs, and shrimps also go in that making.

What does that taste like: A plethora that vegetables contained in the preparation offers it a rich and spicy flavor.

6. Koba – A classic Dessert that Madagascar


What is it: A timeless sweet the this island nation of Africa, it mostly comprises of mashed bananas, vanilla beans, and also ground peanuts, together cornflour and also honey. The batter is covering in banana leaves and boiled or steamed. Its popularity everywhere Madagascar is such the you may spot every gas station or marketplace offering this delicacy through the name of Koba akondro.

What does that taste like: A sweet sensation certainly mainly because of the existence of vanilla and bananas. The crunchy texture of peanuts adds to its distinct flavor.

7. Mofo-anana – A Perfect Appetizing Snack


What is it: Bread v leafy greens, mofo, and anana, meaning bread and leafy greens respectively in the neighborhood language. The greens room cooked well, included to a batter that bread, and also then deep-fried to prepare these tiny fritters. A warm sauce the chili, garlic, and also ginger serves as a dip.

What does the taste like: Soft, crunchy, spicy, and crispy, that would certainly melt in your mouth in ~ the very very first bite friend take.

8. Akoho sy voania – Malagasy Christmas Food


What is it: A stew make by blending chicken and coconut, mainly served end rice.

What does that taste like: The affluent flavor the chicken and also sweetness that coconut renders it a splendid dish altogether.

9. Nem- Crispy Finger Food the Madagascar


What is it: Crunchy, deep-fried spring rolls filled with beef, leek potato, cabbage, and onions. Hot, tangy sauces serve as perfect sides to accompany this savory snack.

What does that taste like: The crispiness in every bite would certainly transcend you to a different level altogether.

10. Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa – A renowned Festival Food


What is it: Though the name can seem like jargon, that is a straightforward dish that chopped pork and also Bambara groundnuts. A key of salad and also chili paste often serve as a next dish.

What does that taste like: The wealth of pork an unified with the nutty and also earthy flavor of groundnuts would satisfy your taste sprout to the fullest.

11. Ranovola – Madagascar’s Special burned Rice Drink


What is it: A staple drink the Madagascar, ready by put a cup of cooking rice in a pot and heating that on a medium flame till the attains a toasty smell. After ~ the enhancement of water, the decoction is steeped, cooled, and finally strained into a glass. Ice cream cubes room optional.

What does it taste like: Refreshing and nutritious, apt for a nation like Madagascar whereby water shortage is in ~ its peak.

12. Sambusa – authentic Snacks that Madagascar


What is it: Similar to the Indian samosa, that is a triangle-shaped fried savory stuffed through fillings of floor beef and also potatoes. However, the is no as spicy together the Indian variant and also vendors are often seeing delivering a warm pepper jar, in case one desires for some tanginess.

What does that taste like: Spicy and also crispy, through the flavor differing by the spices and herbs added.

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These innovative and also versatile dishes of Madagascar are eventually finding its means all end the world. The following time once you arrangement your visit come this african country, keep several of these items mentioned over on your bucket perform to satisfy the gourmet in you.