Catfish consists of catfish species

Catfish deserve to be determined by your whisker-like barbels, i beg your pardon they use to find food in dark waters. Catfish differ from small, peaceful varieties to larger, much more predatory species. This scaleless bottom feeders eat a wide variety of foods, including algae, tiny fish, prepared foods and also scavenged debris.

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Catfish Facts

Average Adult Size2-48 customs long, depending on species
Average Life Spandepends on types
Minimum Aquarium Size10+ gallons, relying on species
Water Temperature:72-82°F


A well-balanced Catfish diet is composed of:

Sinking pellets or flake foods.Brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and also bloodworms (live or frozen).Preferences differ by species.


Things come remember as soon as feeding your Catfish:

Will scavenge food yet need to be particularly fed.Feed prepared foodstuffs according come the directions on the packaging.Thaw frozen food prior to feeding.


Keep in an ideal size aquarium; provide proper filtration come maintain wellness and carry out plenty of room for swimming and hiding places.Stable water quality and also parameters are critical to the health and wellness of aquatic life. If you are unsure of your water quality, provides cost-free water testing.


Some Catfish choose to live in schools but can it is in happy alone (such together corys).Most Catfish like to swim at the bottom the the aquarium and need plenty of hiding places.Will scavenge for food and also eat almost anything.Many varieties have barbs because that defense.

Habitat Maintenance

Daily: inspect filter, water temperature and other equipment.Weekly: inspect water quality at least once a week.Monthly: change 10-25% of the total volume the water every 2-4 weeks, or as needed.Introduce new inhabitants come the aquarium gradually.


Some deserve to be retained with most neighborhood fish of similar size and temperament, consisting of other catfish.


Signs that a healthy Fish

Clear eyesEats vigorouslySwimming at the bottom or political parties of the aquarium

Avoid overcrowded conditions; they space a significant cause that stress and also disease. Maintain good water high quality with continuous water changes and adequate filtration.

Red Flags

loss of color or appetitespots or fungus on human body or mouthcloudy eyeslistlessnesslabored breathingerratic swimmingweight lossbloating

Common health Issues

Health IssueSymptoms or CausesSuggested Action
Health problem Fin rotSymptoms or reasons Frayed or disintegrating fins; the basic of the fins commonly reddens.Suggested action Improve water quality; consult her aquatic veterinarian for treatment.
Health concern FungusSymptoms or reasons White cottony expansion and/or discoloration that the eyes.Suggested activity Quarantine fish; usage a commercial antifungal remedy as directed.
Health issue Bacterial infectionsSymptoms or reasons Cloudy eyes, open up sores and/or reddening of the skin.Suggested action Improve water quality; use a advertising antibacterial remedy together directed.
Health IssueIchSymptoms or reasons White spots show up on fins and body; fish rubs against hard objects or swims awkwardly. Rapid respirations.Suggested activity Quarantine fish immediately; use a commercial ich remedy for at the very least two weeks.

Shopping perform for necessary supplies:

book around catfish
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Ask a save partner about"s an option of books on catfish and the range of personal brand products obtainable for the care and also happiness the your brand-new pet. All exclusive brand products carry a 100% money-back guarantee.

Because every aquatic life room potential carriers of transmittable diseases, such together Atypical Mycobacterium and also Salmonella, always wash her hands before and also after dealing with your aquatic life or habitat materials to aid prevent the potential spread of disease.

Pregnant women, children under the period of 5, senior citizens and also people v weakened immune equipment should contact their physician prior to purchasing or caring for aquatic life and should take into consideration not having actually aquatic life together a pet.

Go to for an ext information about aquatic life and disease.

This care sheet have the right to cover the needs of various other species.

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Note: The info on this treatment Sheet is no a substitute because that veterinary care. If girlfriend need additional information, please refer to the resources on the complying with page or call your veterinarian as appropriate.