In the 3rd book of Inheritance bicycle (Brisingr) , Eragon gets the nodule the Brightsteel native the Menoa Tree. And also in return, the tree take it something indigenous Eragon:

" ... Felt a tinge in his lower belly ... "

But also until the end of Inheritance, it is not pointed out what the tree take it from Eragon. Have the right to anyone allow me understand what it take it from Eragon?


I constantly chose to i think it was his appendix, since appendixes room as useless together this plot allude was.
From Brisingr, hardback ed. P. 659 (emphasis no mine):

Will you give me what I want in return , Dragon Rider?

I will, Eragon stated without hesitation. Every little thing the price, he would certainly gladly salary it because that a Rider"s sword.

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The canopy the the Menoa tree prospered still, and also for several minutes, every was quiet in the clearing. Climate the ground started to shake and also the root in prior of Eragon started to twist and also grind, shedding flakes the bark as they pulled aside to reveal a ceiling patch that dirt, the end of which arised what showed up to it is in a lump of corroded iron approximately two feet long and and a foot and a fifty percent wide. Together the ore concerned rest on the surface of the rich black soil, Eragon felt a slight twinge in his reduced belly. The winced and also rubbed at the spot, but the short-term flare of uncomfortable had currently vanished. Then the root about his ankle loosened and also retreated right into the ground, together did those that had been stop Saphira in place.

Here is your metal, whispered the Menoa tree. Take it and also go....

But-- Eragon started to ask.

Go...said the Menoa tree, that is voice fading away. Go...And the tree"s awareness withdrew indigenous him and also Saphira, receding deeper and also deeper right into itself till Eragon could barely feeling its presence. Roughly them, looming pines relaxed and resumed their usual position.

"But...," Eragon stated out loud, puzzled that the Menoa tree had actually not told him what she wanted.

<....> (skip a couple paragraphs)

At least we obtained the brightsteel, said Eragon, and the Menoa tree ... Well, ns don"t understand what she got, but we have actually what we come for, and that"s what matters.

This is just one of the greatest unanswered inquiries in the whole cycle. The is never clearly answered, however the most common thought is the the tree was informing Eragon to "Go" - to leaving Alagaesia forever. Eragon walk in truth visit the Menoa tree again in Inheritance come ask what she wanted from him, yet again the just answer he got was "Go." source here and here.

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The other frequently proposed concept is that it took Eragon"s ability to have youngsters (due come the twinge in his lower belly). However, this theory was famous mainly before the release of the 4th book. While it is possible, the lack of any kind of sort of cite of anything associated to children of Eragon in the final book makes this unlikely.