It is never before known for certain just how, or even if, Fortunato insulted Montresor in “The Cask of Amontillado.” All the reader knows is that Montresor clintends to have actually experienced a “thousand injuries” at the hands of Fortunato. If true, it is most likely that Fortunato has now insulted Montresor and also his family members name.

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We never learn what, particularly, the "thousand injuries" Montresor describes initially are. However, we do watch Fortunato insult Montresor in the story itself, in more or less obvious means.

When Montresor initially happens upon Fortunato, he describes that he has actually purchased a large quantity of Amontillaperform, a Spanish wine,...

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We never learn what, especially, the "thousand also injuries" Montresor refers to initially are. However before, we do watch Fortunato insult Montresor in the story itself, in even more or less obvious methods.

When Montresor initially happens upon Fortunato, he describes that he has purchased a big amount of Amontillaperform, a Spanish wine, and he expresses his doubts that it is actually Amontillado. Rather than say, for instance, "Oh, dear, my friend! Let"s figure it out together," or something of this nature, Fortunato claims,

How?" <...>. Amontillado? A pipe? Impossible! And in the middle of the carnival!

Fortunato is immediately dismissive. Montresor might likely watch this as an insult to himself, as though his field of expertise and connoisseurship of wine is so negligible to Fortunato as to be completely discounted. Fortunato says, better, "You have actually been implemented upon," as if utterly dislacking the doubts Montresor has currently expressed, even more implying that Montresor has been duped.

As the men walk via the vaults, Montresor expresses issue for Fortunato"s health and wellness. His guest keeps coughing and stumbling and is clearly not extremely well, however Fortunato aacquire dismisses Montresor, saying,

Enough, <...> the cough is a mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a cough.

This is quite rude of Fortunato, considering exactly how Montresor must appear: as a concerned frifinish that wants to defend him. Fortunato speaks to Montresor as though Fortunato believes himself to be superior—even more knowledgeable, even more respectable, and so on—and also this can be considered insulting.

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Later, Fortunato makes an initiative to identification Montresor as one that is "not of the brotherhood" of the masons. This seems to be yet another way in which he wishes to insult Montresor and to prove his own prestige and superiority.