Summary: chapter XVIII

On the third day after ~ the surprise attack, Hawkeye, theMohicans, Munro, and also Heyward strategy the besieged ramparts, whichstill smoke through fire and also smell the death. Cora and Alice remainmissing, and also the men desperately look for for indications of life. Castle findno noticeable signals or codes. Once they start looking because that a trail,Uncas discovers component of Cora’s environment-friendly riding veil. Other ideas leadthe guys to the former location that the horses, and also they concludethat the girls, accompanied by Magua and Gamut, have entered thewilderness. Heyward wants to seek them immediately, however Hawkeyeinsists upon careful deliberation and planning. Munro, depressedby his daughters’ disappearance, is apathetic.

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Summary: chapter XIX

The team spends the night approximately a fire in the desolateruins of the fort. Castle eat be afflicted with meat for dinner. Looking out atthe lake, Heyward hears noises. Uncas describe that wolves space prowlingnearby. Hawkeye is pondering the an interpretation of paradise once he hears anothersound. Uncas goes to investigate, and the team hears a rifle shot.Chingachgook complies with his son, and those left behind listen a splashof water and also another rifle shot. Chingachgook and also Uncas return calmly.When Heyward asks what happened, Uncas reflects him the scalp of anOneida. After discussing the plan for the next day, the group fallsasleep.

Summary: thing XX

Hawkeye convinces the rather to head north across a lake.As lock travel throughout the lake in a irradiate canoe, they space spottedand shortly tailed by Huron canoes. The group’s superiorpaddling tactics allow them to outpace their enemies, and Hawkeyemanages come wound one pursuer with Killdeer, his long-range rifle.Upon getting to the north shore, the guys move eastward in one attemptto cheat the enemy. Carrying the canoe on their shoulders, theyleave an noticeable trail with the woods and end up in ~ a big rock.Then they retrace their steps, stepping in their own footprintsuntil they with the brook and also paddle to safety on the western shore.They hide the canoe and rest for the pursuit that will continuethe following day.

Summary: chapter XXI

Uncas find a trail, and also the males follow it, hope itwill command them come the women. The trail peters out and the partynearly provides up hope, but Uncas manages to divert the food ofa little stream, revealing a hidden footprint in the sand bed. Accordingto Hawkeye, the footprint suggests that Magua abandoned the horsesupon getting to Huron territory. The guys reluctantly enterthe enemy territory and travel previous a beaver pond, whose dams Heywardmistakes because that Indian wigwams. One Indian appears in the forest. Readyfor battle, Hawkeye practically kills the Indian yet soon recognizesthe stranger as Gamut, painted as an Indian with only a scalpingtuft that hair ~ above his head.

Summary: thing XXII

As Hawkeye laughs in ~ Gamut’s Indian paint and also shaved head,the psalmodist tells the guys that Magua newly separated Aliceand Cora. Magua has actually sent Alice to a Huron camp and Cora to a Delawaresettlement; he has actually released Gamut only since the indians thoughthe to be insane after they heard his spiritual singing. Gamut andHeyward decision to secretly educate the ladies that they will soonbe rescued. Chingachgook disguises Heyward together a clown, because Heyward’sknowledge of French can aid him to pass together a juggler from Ticonderoga.Heyward and also Gamut proceed to the camp of the Hurons, if Uncasand Hawkeye take trip to find Cora in the Delaware camp. At the Huroncamp, Gamut and Heyward check out strange creates rising from the grass.When they strategy the tents, they realize the strange develops arejust kids at play.

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Summary: thing XXIII

The town usually has no guards, however the whooping ofthe youngsters draws the fist of the warriors. Heyward pretendsto be a French doctor and attempts come pacify the Hurons, that believethe French forces abandoned them. A team of Hurons returns witha prisoner and also several human being scalps. The Huron elders pressure theprisoner to operation a race versus the tribe’s warriors in order toescape. Despite the prisoner runs speedily, the Hurons outnumberhim, and also he wins only since Heyward trips one of his pursuers.Suddenly, Heyward establish the breathless prisoner together Uncas. Meanwhile, inthe key lodge, the dad of the man who captured Uncas condemnshis boy for cowardice and stabs that in the heart.