I desire to build a hexagonal flower bed out of see timbers,but i don"t recognize the angle to cut the timbers on mine miter saw. Have the right to anyone help?
The sum of all inner angles in a regualar polygon is 360 degrees. Divide by the variety of angles, hexigon is 6. 360/6 is 60 degrees. The miter cut is 1/2 the of the full angle. 30 degrees. Ns hope i remember mine trig right.

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No, sorry, you only acquire 360 degrees if youhave 4 corners. For a hexagon, it"s 120degrees for each of 6 corners, 720 in all.

So, you desire 60 levels for her miter.To lay the end a consistent hexagon, start by usinga compass, or a string v a nail on one end and also pencil on the other. Draw a one that will certainly contain the corners of the hexagon.Pick one arbitrary allude to be the an initial corner, do a mark, and then put the nailor compass suggest there. Measure up a distance equal to the radius in both direction to note the next two corners. Proceed aroundboth methods from there.
Sprung>o:Your are right, ns was thinking around something else when I posted the reply. Many thanks for correcting me.
On Bob Vila"a residence page, that answered a concern from someone building a gazebo that wanted to know the correct angles for one 8 sided structure. Bob"s answer was "the amount of the sides should complete 360 degrees" and for the 8 face gazebo, the angle to be 45 degrees but to acquire the political parties to mitre correctly, you reduced them at half of the complete angle, or 22.5 degrees. Possibly both techniques work. That can gain the ideal answer?
Ok, if it functions for 90 degrees, it"ll work-related for any type of angle, right?

4 90"s will make a square. Every side item of material will have a 45 degree angle i beg your pardon will match to another side piece forming a 90 angle. So, because that a completeley attached "whatever" each piece will have to be cut at fifty percent the "desired" angle of the joint.Mike
The sum of the inner angles of a constant polygon through n sides is 180 levels multiplied by 2 less than the number of sides. So for a hexagon, amount of internal angles is 180 x (6 - 2) = 720.For one octagon is"t 180 x (8 - 2) = 1080.Each inner angle is the amount of angles divided by the variety of sides.For a hexagon it"s 720/6 = 120, for an octagon it"s 1080/8 = 135.Each edge to be cut is fifty percent the interior angle. Because that hexagon it"s 60, because that hexagon it"s 62.5.
Sorry folks however Bink is correct. Three sixtyis continuous for every shapes. Think about it. 4 corners, every 90 degrees, amounts to 360 degrees. Six corners, each 60 degrees, equates to 360 degrees. Eight corners, each 45 degrees, equals 360 degrees.

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Ok... Now for the large picture.

What everyone seems to be absent here is the you space all defining the "interior angles" in two completely different ways. Some of you think that the inner angles are the ones defined by the inside rim the the form you are considering. The others think that the interior angles are the ones that are at the very center radiating exterior to the corners that the form (e.g. The part of the pizza everyone inevitably eats first). All of you have actually done her math really well and get A"s.When you consider making the cross-cut the the stated landscape hardwood you must take into consideration whether you space cutting the angle together an additive from zero levels or a subtractive native 90 degrees. A standard electric chop observed considers a 90 degree cross-cut to be a reduced of zero levels if you use its vernier scale.Did anyone follow me? i think the none the you would have any kind of problem make the cuts. This right here is a case of semantics.

Shelia is correct ... She have to make she high college math teacher proud ........ As soon as cutting angles for your octagon (or any polygon), take Sheila"s advice....... John
I just built a hexagonal tree ring and also I collection the miter saw to 30 levels for each piece of timber...see picture

I just built a hexagonal tree ring and I collection the miter observed to 30 degrees for each piece of timber...see picture